PumpScout.com announces Pump Types Guide

July 29, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Tacoma, WA July 29, 2011 PumpScout.com publishes a comprehensive Guide to Pump Types to help engineers, contractors and maintenance professionals find the right pump for their project.

The Guide to Pump Types is free and includes more than 40 of the most popular industrial pump types, including gear pumps, diaphragm pumps, hydraulic pumps, submersible pumps, sump pumps and more. The guide provides descriptions of each pump as well as key features, recommended fluid, ranges for flow rates, total head and horse power, and much more. The new Guide to Pump Types can be found by visiting PumpScout.com.

"This guide is a huge time saver for pump buyers," said PumpScout.com's co-founder and CEO Justin Johnson. "A lot of the vital information you need to know about each pump type is housed in one place. The Pump Types Guide lets you compare different pumps simultaneously and ultimately helps you make the best choice."

The guide has already garnered much attention and praise from pump companies and industry professionals. "PumpScout.com is a great industry resource. Their Guide to Pump Types is an excellent reference for engineers and contractors trying to identify the right pump type for their application," said Larry Bachus, pump industry consultant and author.

Once pump buyers determine the right pump for their project, PumpScout.com can connect them with pump suppliers that meet their specific criteria. Using the PumpScout.com search engine, pump buyers simply enter their pump specifications and the software selects the suppliers that sell the pump they need.

PumpScout.com features more than 150 pump manufacturers pump manufacturers and suppliers including Haight Pump, Graymills, Griswold Pump, Wilden Pump & Engineering, MWI Corp, Mouvex, Phoenix Pumps, and more.

In addition to the Pump Types Guide, the PumpScout.com website provides a wealth of information for pump users. The Expert Tips articles provide additional advice from the industry's top minds on topics including how to start the pump buying process, pump sizing and extending the life of your pump.

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