HAZOP e-learning course released by Abhisam Software

August 01, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Abhisam Software is pleased to announce the launch of its new HAZOP e-learning course. HAZOP is short for HAZard and OPerability study technique, which is a very popular risk assessment tool used to evaluate the safety and operability of industrial plants all over the world. The HAZOP study technique is used in a broad spectrum of industries including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Mining, Metals processing, Pulp and Paper and Power Generation.

Even though the HAZOP study technique has been in use in industry since the sixties, there have been very few resources available, to educate people in understanding and using this technique. Hence Abhisam Software has made this e-learning course that is a valuable resource to all who wish to learn about HAZOP in detail.

Details of the course
The HAZOP e-learning course is a blend of text, interactive animations and simulations using real life actual examples from industry, videos and graphics that enable easy understanding of the technique. Topics covered include CHAZOP (Computer HAZOP) that is growing in importance, as most industrial facilities now use computerized control and automation techniques. Other topics covered in this course include the Basic Concepts of Risk Assessment, the actual HAZOP methodology (including using the "guide words"), Standards and legal requirements regarding HAZOP, the different kinds of HAZOP studies that are undertaken during the lifecycle of a plant, Managing HAZOPs and a Case Study. Several sample HAZOP formats are provided that make it even more useful to practitioners who need them.

Early feedback
The course has gathered several fans within days of it being launched. Says a Facility Safety engineer in a leading multinational company who has downloaded the course, "A very well structured course that is very easy to understand and an excellent resource. Well done!"

This e-learning course is available as a download program that works on all Windows systems.

For companies and other large organizations, Abhisam Software also offers a "cloud" version of the course that can be accessed online via a variety of devices including tablet computers. This makes it an ideal resource for companies who wish to train their employees in this technique in a very cost effective way.

After completion of the course, a certification test can be taken if required by the learner. On passing, Abhisam Software will issue a printable certificate of competency in HAZOP to the learner, who can then use it to demonstrate their skill set to prospective employers and clients. An optional listing is also available on the Abhisam website where prospective employers and clients can verify the certificate.

Download the Free Demo
More information and demo of the course
A free demo of the HAZOP program, can be downloaded from the Abhisam Software website here

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