August 03, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
While women have traditionally been the ones going under the knife to keep their partners sweet, new research has suggested that the tide is turning and it's now sugar daddies having cosmetic surgery.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group has published the study, which revealed a staggering 102% increase in men aged 55 and above heading to cosmetic surgery clinics in a bid to wind back the clock. Such is the staggering growth in this age group that they now make up 33% of all of Transform's male cosmetic surgery business.

More than six in ten (67%) of these patients said that their spouse or girlfriend is at least a decade younger than them.

Anyone who's read the newspapers or gossip websites in recent years can't have failed to have read the rumours and reports that Michael Douglas has had cosmetic surgery. It's hardly surprising, given that he's arguably the world's most famous sugar daddy and probably wants to keep his wife Catherine Zeta Jones 25 years his junior happy.

Of course, it's not just the rich and famous who are thought to be turning to going under the knife.

According to the Transform report, sugar daddies are opting for treatments such as eyebag removal, facelifts and 'moob jobs' to wind back the clock.

Non-surgical treatments for men aged over 55 are also soaring, with 47% of all male Botox patients and 28% of dermal filler patients falling into this age group.

Asked to explain why they looked into their options for cosmetic surgery, 76% said that they did not want to look older than their partner. Almost one in two said their partner had been the driving force behind the decision to find out more about cosmetic surgery.

Commenting on the trend, Transform spokesperson Shami Thomas remarked: "Many older men feel pressure to keep up with younger, attractive partners and as cosmetic surgery is becoming more widely acceptable and available, they naturally turn to anti-ageing procedures to achieve a younger look.

"With celebrity 'sugar daddies' such as Michael Douglas openly admitting to having surgery, it's now more attainable and increasingly less of a taboo.

"The effects of surgery are far from just skin deep the majority of patients claim surgery has changed their life completely and many sugar daddies who come to us have such a confidence boost from the cosmetic surgery."