Crime Prevention Products Says Personal Alarms Are Useful To Everyone

August 05, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Whether for the purpose of giving women and the elderly added protection when out late at night or in dangerous areas, or for those who work in environments where threats are likely to present themselves, leading security providers such as Crime Prevention Products strongly recommend having protection close at hand.

Personal alarms are a highly affordable and convenient way to safeguard people from all walks of life. They emit a loud siren that will disorientate and startle potential attackers, thus presenting an opportunity for the victim to run away. Since their sound is different from car alarms, they also send a powerful signal to others nearby that a crime is happening so that they can call the police. Furthermore, this method of security when on the move is far safer than trying to fight off a criminal.

What makes personal alarms so appealing is that while they pack a powerful audio punch, they are highly compact they can be easily carried even while jogging or biking and they also come in the form of stylish key chains.

These devices come in either gas or battery models. With the gas option, the user will need to push down on the cap to set off the alarm, while with battery varieties the user will pull an activating cord or keychain for the siren to start, and then replace the pin mechanism to turn it off. Thus, while the downside of battery operated models is that they need to be recharged more frequently than their gas counterparts, the upside is that they can be thrown in a separate direction to make a non-stop noise alert while the user runs away.

Security providers advise that regardless of which option a person prefers, it's important to choose a personal alarm that the individual finds most convenient to activate, since when a risky situation that requires an alarm occurs, there will be no time to waste.

In addition to getting the thumbs up from security providers, most police officers and criminologists agree that a great deal of noise is often the best defence. They also advise people not to physically engage with an attacker, since this tends to escalate the violence and could end in serious harm.

CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, concluded: "As experts in security who have been making customers feel more secure both inside and outside the home, we believe that everyone should own a personal alarm. These devices used to be thought of as something that only women and the elderly need, but with crime figures showing that muggings and attacks happen to all types of people and in a variety of circumstances, it's evident that they can be extremely useful, no matter who you are. Not only are they highly effective, personal alarms are not at all pricey, so there really is no reason why everyone shouldn't have that extra peace of mind in knowing that if trouble happens, they have a reliable way of keeping safe."