White Label PINless International Calling Service Revolutionizing Prepaid Calling Card Industry

August 05, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Diego, CA, August 5, 2011 (PR Leap) Vox Call, a SpeedyPin, LLC. company, officially announced the release of its new White Label PINless Agent Program which enables agents, distributors and retailers of all sizes to easily sell a superior PINless prepaid international calling service directly from their store and/or website without having to stock physical inventory or use point of sale equipment.

Vox Call for Your Customers: Vox Call (http://www.voxcall.com) is a superior PINless prepaid international calling service which can save your customers up to 95% on their international calling costs (as compared to direct-dialing via traditional cellular carriers without an international calling plan).

More service-like than standard calling card, Vox Call service is tied directly to a cell phone or land line phone number and works instantly with any phone (cell phone or land line) without having to change current service. Further, customers enjoy total control over their calling experience. There is no PIN to remember or dial, no other fees, one account can be shared with up to nine phone numbers, speed dials can be stored, call details are available (online) and more.

Customers can create a new account and buy talk-time (minutes) from your store, your white label website or directly from Vox Call making payment with cash, credit or debit card.

Vox Call for You: The Vox Call Agent Program (http://www.voxcall.com/business) is designed specifically for agents, distributors and retailers (of all sizes) selling telecommunications services off-line and/or online, with a market for a superior PINless prepaid international calling service. Opt for a white label website for a nominal fee to sell service under your own brand or sell Vox Call for zero additional cost.

Vox Call's Director, Eric Itzkowitz, says "We do all of the heavy lifting for our agents so they can focus on doing what they do best, sell phone services. Various levels of design and feature customization are offered, which allow our agents to control their off-line and online sales channel and should they choose, the ability to do so under their own brand identity. We also provide in-store marketing collateral to help attract attention to the service."

The agent program interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Its rock-solid architecture includes important and necessary features and functionality agents need to safely manage and grow sales from a single-store to a large distributor down-line. For greater sales opportunity, agents may request custom rates to target a specific demographic and control margin.

Agents who opt for a custom white label website ultimately enjoy the greatest control over their business. White label agents use their own payment processing, staff to review and fulfill orders, and knowledge of their specific market/niche to design a custom product for their brand and market. White label agents receive the best discounts available in the industry for competitive rate and service offerings.

Vox Call is currently accepting new agents.

Contact Information:

To become a new Vox Call Agent or learn more about the program, including the white label opportunity, please contact:

Randy Meyers
Sales Manager
Vox Call
Toll-free: 1-877-746-6322 x115
Email: randy@voxcall.com