Brits Rush to Find Solution for Unwanted Perspiration as Nation Heats up

August 11, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
While the recent heatwave was a cause for celebration for those bemoaning a typically wet and windy British summer, for others a rise in temperatures only spells worry and misery from excessive sweating.

Following the sunny spell, Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group recorded a 45% rise in enquiries about hyperhidrosis treatment of BOTOX® injections during a three day period of the heatwave. So while the warm weather was a chance for many to top up their tans, others simply became more perspiration conscious.

Hyperhidrosis also known as excessive sweating is caused when sweat glands become overactive and produce sweat in great quantities than the body needs, something exacerbated by warm weather.

By injecting BOTOX® into the affected area, practitioners can block the nerve impulses which cause excessive sweating, something which can offer a great confidence boost to suffers who no longer need to fret about soggy armpits and damp hands.

Commenting on the recent surge in enquiries, Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group spokesperson Shami Thomas said: "In summer, most people become increasingly aware of perspiration, and for some people excessive sweating can become almost unbearable.

"Our Hyperhidrosis treatment is a simple solution for a common problem, which leaves patients more confident and gives them the freedom to wear what they want and enjoy summer to the full."