Keyword Eye Launches Online App to Simplify Keyword Research

August 15, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Keyword Eye, an exciting UK based start-up company, has just launched a new visual keyword suggestion tool to simplify the process of keyword research.

Keyword research is the process of researching and finding the keywords which your potential customers are searching for. There are now over 17 billion keyword searches being run across all search engines per month. This indicates that keyword research should be at the heart of your online presence, giving your business the best opportunity to be found on the Internet. Finding the best keywords isn't easy, it can be a time consuming process of crawling through numerous keyword tools looking at search volumes and competition data. There are many pitfalls which don't assist with the process.

Keyword Eye strives to simplify this process with a new online app with a unique approach. It visualizes keyword data allowing users to pick out important and relevant keywords easily. A keyword search will return a keyword cloud of suggestions, where keyword size reflects search volume and the colour of the keyword reflects how competitive that keyword is (based on Google PPC data). The data powering the keyword cloud can be refined to your specifications such as:

  • Targeted country
  • Targeted language
  • Keyword match type
  • Device type such as desktop / laptop PCs or just smart phones
  • Keyword category such as 'Gifts and Occasions'
  • How the cloud should be ordered, for example search volume descending
  • The number of keyword suggestions

  • Once a keyword report has been generated the text size of the keywords can be configured dynamically, along with keyword and competition filters to refine your results even further. Keyword lists can be built and exported quickly.

    Keyword Eye can be used in many ways such as keyword brainstorming, including in presentations, assisting content writers, aiding affiliates find a niche market and webpage keyword analysis to name a few.

    There are two plans available, Basic and Pro. The Basic plan is free but is limited to refining targeted county and language only. The Pro plan is competitively priced at just £3.95 per month and contains all of the functionality described above. It can be cancelled at any time with no contracts.

    Sign up and use Keyword Eye today.