Glossy magazine readers three times more likely to go digital

August 16, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Almost 2,447 women between 20 and 54 who read one or more of the major gloss magazines (Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Tatler, Harpers, Grazia, Vanity Fair and InStyle) frequently were surveyed. YouGov also monitored regular readers of Stylist, Sunday Times Style and Red.

The research revealed that British women who read glossies are more likely to make use of new technology. They are three times more likely to acquire digital devices like ebook readers and smartphones as soon as they're released than women who don't read magazines. It was also found that women who read magazines regularly use more platforms to access content, ranging from print to the web to smartphone apps.

The majority of women surveyed (77 per cent) visit online versions of their favourite glossy magazines once a month or more. Of these, 29 per cent make use of the websites at least once weekly. These figures have increased by 40 per cent over the last two years. When it comes to the popularity of smartphone apps as a platform for magazines the figures are lower, but still significant. It was found that 22 per cent of respondents use apps to access their favourite titles.

Only 6 per cent of women read glossies in print only, while 17 per cent make use of all the platforms available to them: printed magazines, websites, digital editions of magazines and smartphone apps.

Considering that the internet is no longer male dominated in the UK, it makes sense that more women are reading glossy magazines online. The recent UK Women Online report by eMarketer found that 50.5 per cent of internet users are women and it's expected that this figure will grow to 51.3 per cent come 2012.

When it comes to smartphone use, though, women are still in the minority. Only 41 per cent of women in the UK use smartphones, according to a smartphone survey by YouGov. As the number of women who own smartphones grows, so will the number of women who download and use apps and that includes apps for glossies.

Price comparison service predicts that smartphone manufacturers will soon start targeting two currently neglected demographics: women and over-55s. Once this happens, it's likely the face of smartphone usage in the UK will change, just as internet usage has.

Despite women's changing reading habits, the Vogue Business Report 2011 found that women still value the print editions of magazines. Of the women questioned, 94 per cent love 'magazine moments' where they can relax with the printed version of their favourite title while 82 per cent believe that websites could never replace physical copies of magazines. Of the women who do use magazine websites regularly, 84 per cent do so just for research while still finding inspiration in printed glossy magazines.