Printing Company Uses Racy Marketing Videos to Attract Clients

August 18, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Pink underwear and sex toys are two things that could never be featured in a standard ad, but printing company Cheap Club Flyers apparently did not get the memo. Shamelessly included in the company's vulgar marketing videos, these two items are now considered to be the company's accidental icons, sparking yet another debate on decency and the degradation of American morality.

A company that offers regular printing services, Cheap Club Flyers surprised the printing industry with its controversial choice of marketing strategy. The idea of a printing company using sex to sell their product seems to be far-fetched, but company president Carlos DeSantos reveals that their use of racy videos actually worked. DeSantos says, "Our web traffic has been flying through the roof since we released these videos. We're happy to see that they have achieved the marketing objective." deSantos further disclosed that the company declines to apologize to certain sectors for the video releases.

The use of sex as a come-on factor for consumers is nothing new, especially in today's times when ads for general patronage are allowed to be heavily suggestive. Critics of the marketing videos however stress that the scenes are too lewd to shrug off.

A Vulgar Take on "The Office"

The racy videos from Cheap Club Flyers did go viral and continues to attract clients as of press time, but conservative watch dogs and concerned citizens blasted the company for giving up decency just to increase sales. The company's cunning response is that their marketing videos are simply a vulgar take on the hit NBC show, "The Office."

The multi-award winning comedy sitcom, "The Office" is about the everyday lives of employees in a paper company. The show is popular for showcasing quirky characters and ridiculous office scenarios. Cheap Club Flyers chose to parody the show because it wishes to reveal the advantages of professional and competent companies versus "the other printing company" that lacks these very qualities. CEO Carlos DeSantos emphasizes, "These videos are meant to highlight the commitment of in strengthening customer service. We feel that most other print companies are representative of the fictional company that shrugs off competence and professionalism; a company where it's okay for the boss to walk around in pink underwear and for receptionists to hide sex toys in the office drawer." DeSantos and his team may just get away with such an excuse.

In an economy that pushes businesses to be more aggressive in marketing their products, the public should no longer be shocked to see pink underwear and sex toys in standard ads. At the end of the day, it really is about profit. Cheap Club Flyers has been happily reining in clients as a result of the racy videos, a development that tells the public: the formula of vulgarity does work. Actual videos can be found on CheapClubFlyers Youtube Channel

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