A Breakthrough in Sun Protection; BrushOnBlock, the ALL-NEW dry mineral sunscreen is natural, convenient, invisible and SPF 30

August 17, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
BrushOnBlock, a property of Susan Posnick Family, is the first in a series of innovative sun protection products currently being developed by SPF Ventures of Dallas, Texas. This breakthrough sun care product is dramatically changing how we protect our skin from the sun. BrushOnBlock, a dry, natural, mineral-based sunscreen, is a new form of sun protection that is quickly and easily applied with a brush. This new delivery system is turning heads across the sun care world, the skin care industry, and consumers across the nation. SPF Ventures is launching BrushOnBlock on television and the Internet this month and early feedback indicates that people are very excited about this new and better way to prevent sunburn and dangerous exposure to both UVB and UVA rays.

Developed by Susan Posnick, a professional makeup artist with her own brand of mineral-based cosmetics, BrushOnBlock was born out of both necessity and common sense. Posnick developed the product after battling skin cancer and realizing that sunscreen usage across the country was casual at best. "Simply stated, people aren't using sunscreen as often as they should. I know I wasn't. With BrushOn Block, my goal is to get men, women, and most of all, children to start using sun protection every day. As a product developer, my challenge was to create a new way to deliver sun protection that is easy, fun, and invisible."

BrushOnBlock contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, the only two, natural UVA/UVB sunscreens approved by the FDA. The product goes on dry and stays dry. It is both sweat and water resistant and doesn't sting the eyes. It provides SPF 30 protection, which most experts consider sufficient to guard against UVB rays that can burn the skin and broad-spectrum protection against UVA rays that can age the skin. Much to the delight of natural product advocates, BrushOnBlock also contains Green Tea Leaf Extract, a naturaly occurring antioxidant, and soothing and replenishing flower oils and extracts including Safflower, Chamomile and Honeysuckle.

Aside from convenience and effectiveness, BrushOnBlock holds an equally important edge over many traditional sunscreen lotions, sticks and sprays. Chemical sunscreen products are absorbed into the skin while BrushOnBlock functions more as a true "filter" and remains on the skin's surface reflecting the sun's rays away from the body. Posnick states, "It's like pulling a shade down in front of the sun, effectively protecting you from harmful UVA and UVB rays." BrushOnBlock is applied in an equally revolutionary and patent-pending self-dispensing brush which is both refillable and washable.

"The benefits of BrushOnBlock are immeasurable," says Andrea Wetsel, of SPF Ventures. "When Susan approached us with this new product concept, we knew it was something consumers would respond to. We very quickly understood that a sunscreen that could be worn effortlessly everyday, that could go everywhere from kid's backpacks to carry on bags, had to be a home run. It was long overdue for a dry, brush-on sunscreen, that wasn't messy, could go on over make-up, and was all-weather and all-season."

BrushOnBlock is currently not available in stores and can only be ordered directly on the product's website (www.brushonblock.com). The website contains a complete ingredient listing as well as Frequently Asked Questions and a personal video introduction and product demonstration directly from Susan Posnick.