2011 Defense Logistics Awards Ceremony Categories Announced

August 19, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
New York, August 19, 2011 Defense Logistics Awards announced the categories for the 2011 Awards Ceremony on Thursday, marking the 8th year this program has run in an effort to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of Department of Defense logistics teams.

The 2010 field was competitive. "What a field of submissions we had last year! Each year, this program gets greater and greater recognition, and I have been amazed at the number of inquiries we've already had this year," said Amol Tembe, Defense Logistics Awards Program Director. "It continues to be a great honor to be a part of recognizing the DoD logistics community for their tremendous contributions in supporting the warfighter," he continued.

Anthony Fleming, the new Director of Defense Logistics, the event which hosts the dinner, will also work on this year's awards program. "Having been an Aircraft Maintenance Officer for 6 years I know how challenging and rewarding logistics, maintenance, and sustainment can be," he said. "It was a privilege to serve with personnel that make the mission happen every day and it's an honor to identify and reward their accomplishments in this forum. It is very appropriate for us to take a night and congratulate the folks that have excelled so that we can thank them and learn from their achievements. It's an honor to run such a prestigious event!"

The 2011 Defense Logistics awards categories are:

  • Best Logistics Strategy: A Specific Project Or Military-Contractor Partnership Achieving Logistics Excellence
  • Best PBL Implementation
  • Best Technology Implementation
  • Military-Military Collaboration Of The Year: Rewarding The Joint Effort
  • Beyond The Call Of Duty: Logistician Of The Year
  • 2011 Logistician Lifetime Achievement Award

  • The submission deadline is Friday, October 3, 2011. Finalists will be announced in early November and winners will be announced during dinner at the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Arlington on November 30, 2011.

    The Defense Logistics awards ceremony has been established to honor, recognize and promote the logisticians in the US Department of Defense and the Defense Industry that have made a significant contribution to military logistics. These logisticians support interoperability and performance improvement through logistics initiatives/programs/processes.

    Last year, the awards ceremony welcomed over 100 executives to Arlington who recognized those involved in DoD logistics.

    For further information on this year's awards program or information building your submission, contact:

    Amol Tembe
    Program Director
    Defense Logistics Awards

    Defense Logistics is produced by Worldwide Business Research. Since its launch in 2001, Defense Logistics mission has remained the same: Full commitment to the warfighter through the advancement of a synchronized, joint-force supply chain. It remains the key logistics program to attend each year.

    The 2011 Defense Logistics Awards Ceremony is sponsored by IBM and Northrop Grumman. For information on becoming a sponsor, please contact Scott Rossen at 646-200-7526 or scott.rossen@wbresearch.com.