Ensure Stolen Possessions Get Returned Advises Crime Prevention Products

August 30, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Apart from the necessary theft prevention measures such as robust alarms on doors and windows, security specialists such as Crime Prevention Products advise people to bear in mind that it's also important to take steps to aid recovery of goods if the worst happens and a burglary occurs.

Ultraviolet lamps offer an effective way for the police to identify stolen possessions. If possessions are marked with a UV pen, criminals are thwarted as the authorities are then able to reveal the true owner's details. This gives victims of burglary a much better chance of recovering their items.

Security experts recommend that people mark their possessions with their postcode and address (if there's space). They warn however that UV marks fade with time, particularly when exposed to sunlight, and they also wash off easily. For this reason the UV markings should be renewed at least every two years. Property owners can choose either invisible or visible ink and the pens can be bought for as little as £1.
In addition to helping with theft recovery, ultraviolet lamps are an effective and fast method of identifying counterfeit money.

Real currency makes use of UV fluorescent inks during production and is also made with UV dull paper which does not glow when placed under a UV lamp light and cannot be bought in office supply stores. While criminals have made some excellent attempts at reproducing genuine money, it is highly difficult if not impossible to produce a perfect imitation because commercial colour copying and printing techniques cannot match the government's authentic manufacturing results.

Thus, the use of a simple UV lamp can spot fake money effectively. Police forces, finance companies and security experts across the world use and endorse them for counterfeit detection in the retail sector. And these days, ultraviolet lamps can even be bought as a convenient and inexpensive key ring.

Terry Rattee, CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, commented: "With people increasingly using and carrying pricey computing devices around with them such as iPods, iPhones and tablets, the risk of theft is highly probable. By marking their goods with invisible ink, people are giving their prized possessions some effective safeguarding, since it will make their property much easier for the police to identify and return using a UV lamp. As for counterfeit detection, we strongly anyone who deals in cash to by a UV lamp they're extremely affordable and could save retailers a bundle by ensuring they don't accept worthlessly fake money."