Gum Surgery Avoided - Dr. Martin Schroeder of Biglerville, PA receives the Orkos Award

August 30, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dr. Martin Schroeder of Biglerville, PA has received the Orkos Award for demonstrating professional excellence in a case study report of a patient treated for gum disease. Dr. Schroeder's patient was new to his practice, attracted by Dr. Schroeder's on-line description of non-surgical treatment options. The patient's case was severe and had already been recommended for surgery, a procedure he wanted to avoid.

When an individual is diagnosed with gum disease, such as periodontitis or gingivitis, several treatment options are available in the early stages of the disease. One such option includes scaling and root planing, a rigorous cleaning of the teeth below the gum line that often requires a local anesthetic. For more serious cases like that of the patient in this case study, surgical removal of tissue with a laser or scalpel may be necessary.

Before treatment, the patient had very deep pockets, measuring up to 9 millimeters, with 69% of all sites bleeding upon probing. He wanted to know if he was a good candidate for the minimally invasive Perio Protect Method, an approach to treatment that starts with prescription tray delivery of medication, followed by professional cleanings of the tooth and root surfaces as needed. Surgery is performed only when absolutely necessary. The goal is to use a prescription tray, like the Perio Tray®, to keep medication below the gum line and fight the bacteria causing the infections. Dr. Schroeder agreed that the patient could try the Perio Tray® delivery of medication first, but also cautioned that his condition was very serious and that surgery may still be needed. The patient accepted the treatment plan.

To hold medication effectively below the gum line, each prescription Perio Tray® is custom fabricated to fit precisely over an individual patient's teeth and gum. This patient used the prescription tray to deliver medication for approximately 3 weeks before he returned for a follow up visit. At this first follow up visit, no pocket measured more than 6mm and bleeding was reduced to 9%, down from 69%. A full mouth cleaning of the tooth surfaces (debridement) was done and the next appointment was scheduled. The patient continued to use the Perio Tray® delivery of medication at home between appointments. When he returned six weeks later, there was no bleeding and the deepest pockets were 4mm, save one 5mm pocket. Site specific cleaning of the tooth and root surfaces (scaling) was done on all pockets over 3mm. At the recall appointment 6 weeks later, 3.5 months from the start of treatment, there was no bleeding and no pockets deeper than the accepted normal depth of 3mm.

By following the homecare protocol with the tray and medication, the patient not only avoided gum surgery, but the scraping of tooth and root surfaces (scaling and root planing) was reduced from four visits of quadrant procedures to one visit on selected pockets only. Within weeks of treatment, the patient reported that he "feels better." He was very happy with the results and was especially pleased that the treatment was minimally invasive.

The Orkos Award celebrates the contributions of dental professionals like Dr. Schroeder in the fight against gum disease, recognizing individual contributions in minimally invasive dentistry. According to Dr. Tanya Dunlap, Program Development Director of Perio Protect, "The ancient Greek word Orkos is associated with the 'Hippocratic Oath,' and with this award we want to honor those dentists who share our passion and our vision for the most effective, minimally invasive periodontal care. This was a severe case," she noted, "and Dr. Schroeder well deserves this recognition."

Martin Schroeder has been in private practice since graduating from the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry in 1980. He notes that "The Perio Protect Method has had a profound impact on my practice, allowing me to help more patients with less invasive tools than ever before. My patients," he explains, "appreciate the new options."

Dr. Schroeder's son Matthew Schroeder recently joined his practice. They look forward to serving patients together for years to come. You can contact Dr. Schroeder's office by calling 717-677-8145 or viewing his website

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