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October 29, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
IT industry has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and it is expected to grow continuously in the near future as well.

With the growth of the industry, the job opportunities for the current and aspiring professionals are also growing. The need for skilled IT professionals is strong and rising now and in the foreseeable future due to the continuing demand for innovation and entry of new emerging technologies.

In this scenario, “IT Certification” like MCSE, CCNA is one of the most important and valuable weapons available to move up in this growing industry. These certifications not only help you get a job but also give raise to the career of existing IT professionals. According to CertMag’s 2004 Salary Survey, IT certified professionals averaged 14.3% increase in their salary.

Now, once you have decided to go for these certifications, you need to answer two critical questions:
1.) Which certification should I choose?
2.) How can I prepare and pass the same?

The answer to the first question can vary for existing professionals and the new entrants. Those who are already working, the answer for them come from the areas of their expertise or technologies used by their organization. For new entrants, one needs to look at the IT Trends and opportunity areas.

The answer to the second question is equally important. Preparing for any IT certification exam requires skills and knowledge in the respective area and many advanced certifications requires you to have the desired experience as well. Books or Study guides are the most fundamental option and must for any exams. Depending upon your experience and confidence, you can take aid of other tools like Trainings (Online or offline), Practice Exams or Exam Simulators. You should also participate in the respective discussion forums or groups to hear from the experience of other people who’ve been through the path you are planning to take. You can also take help of freely available tutorials, white papers and notes on the internet for various certification exams.

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