Horizontech, Inc. releases enhancements for Real-Time Reporting, Analytics and Tracking associated with Undeliverable Mail

September 09, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
DANVILLE, Virginia, September 9, 2011 Horizontech, Inc. (HTI), a Global information technology and document solutions company, today announced enhancements to its web-based Reporting platform for undeliverable mail.

HTI's enhanced platform now gives customers the power of real-time reporting with performance metrics and analytics. The platform allows customers to manage automated as well ad-hoc reporting functions for undeliverable mail volume, revenue, asset balance, address management performance, nixie, COA data and other document lifecycle metrics. Reports contain transactional, batch and summary functionality.

Metrics and analytics are built into HTI's secure web portal, which allows customers the flexibility of self-service combined with incredible knowledge to better manage the overall undeliverable mail issue.

"We continue to be at the forefront of technology for managing the collection, resolution and distribution of data for undeliverable mail", stated David Zook, President. "We've built our own document management software, address management software and integrated hardware/data configurations to give companies automation, improved processes and better control." Larger companies have complex compliance and data requirements, with varied document, distribution and business requirements. Automating a company's support infrastructure, while decreasing costs and IT burden is becoming very appealing for companies that are searching out industry-best solutions for non-core business functions.

Risk Management and Audit departments desire accountability for each and every undeliverable mail piece. "If a company truly wants better control, security, automation and reporting for managing their undeliverable mail issue, HTI is a logical choice," says Zook. "There are many industries that have very stringent regulatory requirements around managing their undeliverable mail and data, such as Health Care, Financial Services, Credit and Insurance. As example, we can manage a customer platform with 20 separate operating centers, hundreds of document types, separate document compliance and regulatory requirements, multiple host systems, all within a consolidated and tracked platform."

Customers continue to provide praise for HTI's market innovations in technology for managing the issue, as well as the control and audit aspect of the business. Undeliverable mail continues to be a financial and operational drain on US Businesses, averaging 1.4 Billion pieces per year for First Class mail. A key business issue where overall mail volumes are reduced through electronic delivery alternatives, while the percentage of undeliverable mail is increasing.

About Horizontech, Inc.
Horizontech is a Global information technology and document solutions company, with web-based workflow systems and back-office support. Combining operating capabilities with multiple, proprietary technologies, Horizontech automates enterprise business functions including those that reduce and eliminate return mail, increase operational efficiencies, mitigate risks, and grow revenue. For more information, visit Horizontech at www.horizontech.com