Why you should buy a home in Bozeman Montana

September 13, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Bozeman, MT September 13, 2011 With current unstable economic conditions, many people are hesitant to purchase property in Bozeman because they aren't sure what direction the economy will take. Others are biding their time, waiting for home prices or interest rates to fall even further before they look for real estate in Bozeman. But according to NHB, http://www.nhbmt.biz/, now is the perfect time to buy.

"For most people, purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions of their lifetime, so it makes sense to be cautious," says Ben Nistler, of NHB LLC. "But if you are currently in the position to purchase a home in Bozeman, there are a variety of reasons why now is the perfect time to act."

Here are the reasons you should buy now in Bozeman:

  • Low Mortgage Rates - Lenders have put stricter guidelines on approvals for Bozeman houses, which means that those who do get approved can enjoy mortgage rates, fees and points are at all-time lows. So, if you've got good credit and are in the position to buy, you can get the save even more with low interest rates.
  • Affordable Building Costs - Building materials and labor are currently at very affordable rates, which have made buying a new construction home an even better value.

  • "Buying a Bozeman home is a great investment if you are in it for the long term," says Nistler. "Currently the conditions are favorable in the Bozeman housing market, but that will not last forever. Interest rates will eventually go up and inventory will eventually go down. Why not take advantage of things while they are good?"

    About NHB
    Based in Bozeman Montana, since 2001 NHB, LLC takes pride in building quality, and affordable homes for both individuals and families. Our efficient and attractive homes can be customized to your liking and we are committed to meeting your needs. Whether you're interested in an existing home for sale in our portfolio or a custom crafted home, NHB, LLC brings experience and integrity to every project. Go to http://www.nhbmt.biz or call 406-570-7345 for additional information on Bozeman real estate or building a property in Bozeman.