Rabobank provide insight into Next Generation Cards and Payments

September 19, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Sonum Puri, Conference Director of Next Generation Cards and Payments 2011, recently met with Gertjan Rösken from Rabobank to discuss his thoughts on NFC and contactless payments, which payment innovations or alternative channels is gaining momentum, and why mobile payments have been so successful for Rabobank.

Gertjan will be speaking at Next Generation Cards & Payments event in Brussels this October, Europe's only free event for banks, MNOs and retailers.

SP: What are the NFC contactless stickers currently being used for in the Netherlands?
GR: We are using the stickers in closed communities like schools, cafetarias etc. It's a great cashreplacer and a very good alternative besides the prepaid Chipknip

SP: What are the benefits of contactless stickers over a chip in the phone?
GR: There are many benefits, number one is the form factor. The chip fits in almost any phone and the phone is something you always have with you. Number two is the electronic wallet linked to the chip. The balance is in the cloud and can also be used for other small purchases that you can do with your phone like a pizza, carwash, parking.

SP: How did you identify the need for this product? What are the features? How will you develop it in the future?
GR: We conducted surveys, from the surveys we concluded that there is a real need for a good cash replacer. But it demands low cost hardware. With this product you can already be cashless for less than 300.

SP: In which other markets do you see contactless NFC stickers being a success?
GR: Supermarkets, vending (but I think remote payment can be a good alternative) parking, events

SP: What other payment innovations or alternative channels are gaining momentum?
GR: Remote payment. With our new API it's really easy to support small payments from within an app.

SP: What attracted you to speak at Next Generation Cards & Payments?
GR: The presence of other interesting speakers and visitors

Other key speakers include:

  • Joaquin Almunia, Commissioner and Vice President, European Commission
  • Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank
  • Nadia Calvino, Deputy Director General, DG Market, European Commission
  • Gerard Hartsink, Chairman, European Payments Council
  • Jan Vermeulen, Centre for Exchange & Clearing, National Bank of Belgium
  • Leonor Machado Branco, Director, Caixa Geral de Depositos
  • Cecile Gregoire, Senior Adviser, Payments Systems, EuroCommerce
  • Diederik Bruggink, Vice President & Manager Card Schemes, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Erik Tak, Global Head of Cards, Cash & New Business, ING
  • Dag-Inge Flatraaker, General Manager, DNB NOR & Chairman, Mobile Channel Working Group & Member of the Executive Board, European Payments Council
  • Olivier Marquet, CEO, Triodos Bank

  • Dominique Buysschaert, Founder & President, PayFair said: "Next Generation Cards & Payments sets the standard for the cards and payments events. Last year keynote speakers from the European Commission as well as from the European Central Bank made very interesting interventions that clarified clearly the position of these institutions regarding the evolution of the European card payments market, confirming that the Next Generation Cards & Payment Conference is a major event where high level decision makers appreciate the importance of delivering messages to the industry. The event helped us also to attract new business from across and outside Europe and also helped us establish our presence as a serious stakeholder in the industry we look forward to supporting next year's event"

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