Marketing During The Recession | Can Using PR Agencies, Website Designers Or Telemarketing Help Keep Your Business Growing

September 15, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The UK is still struggling with the effects the recession in 2008 caused; as a result many companies are being cautious with their marketing spend and in some cases are cutting their marketing activities altogether.

But what is the best thing to do in the long term, will cutting marketing be a wise move (as it certainly will ease the short term pressure)?

Many marketing companies do advise to continue marketing, but to adapt the marketing that is being done, in effect working smarter and not harder. By using different forms of marketing and adapting to the new economic environment should result in the marketing campaigns being fruitful.

There are numerous forms of marketing available to businesses, the trick is choosing the right tool for the job. For some businesses, using a telemarketing company to do some cold calling is all that is needed, for others it could be a case of doing some targeted advertising.

Anne Richards of Marketing Quotes points out 'all businesses are different, one kind of marketing may work for one business, but not for another. It is a case of accessing the industry, the target market and then applying the best marketing solution'.

Many companies in the UK have taken the rather drastic decision to halt all marketing, in order to curb spending and build capital. Whilst this may seem like a good idea to make quick savings, the long term result is that the new business channel will dry up.

It is advised by Marketing Quotes for businesses of any sort to consult a marketing expert in their industry sector. Chatting through what kind of marketing can be done or reviewing existing marketing can ensure that any marketing spend is allocated efficiently and a return of investment can be met.

Anne Richards added 'a cost effective route for companies to consider is PR (public relations), by talking to a few PR agencies about getting some publicity business can ensure that their name is in the media and they are getting cost effective exposure'.

One very important thing (for almost any company) is having a good website. We now live in an internet society that is tuned into the social media world through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many others.

Marcel Blackburn who works with some of the website designers at Marketing Quotes commented 'most people do not really understand about websites and the fact that they can be set up quickly and cost effectively. A website is the shop window for a company in today's world, it has to look attractive and appealing in order to entice visitors to come in'.

Marketing during the recession is nothing to be feared by companies in the UK, marketing is about generating exposure and communicating a message; this needs to be done in the most cost effective and efficient way, which is what marketing agencies are there to advise on.