Is your Perfume or Cologne real? BluScent provides helpful hints and tips on spotting fakes

September 19, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
As a fragrance store and online store operator it isn't uncommon to hear the question "is your perfume real"? It's a solid question and we don't get offended about it. When people go outside of well-known department stores they are suspicious of water-downed or cheap copy-offs. Most independent fragrance retail store operators go through the same supply and distribution channels as the big department stores, but a perception still exists that their goods are not the same.

As a fragrance store operator we can guide you through the appropriate steps on spotting a fake and what to be wary of:

1. Stay away from seedy operators: This might sound like common sense but we hear stories about people getting burned on Canal Street NYC. If the operator is selling other cheap items please use caution buying their fragrances.

2. Pricing: If the price is too good to be true then it probably is. Popular fragrances like Armani and Dolce & Gabbana will rarely drop below $40 for the 100 ML bottle. (Lets talk more about this later).

3. Check the Cellophane wrap: If the wrapping is too loose and looks sloppy with scotch tape on it you probably have a fake.

4. Watch for misspelled words and lettering: This is obvious but most people don't inspect the box carefully. Check for weak quality packaging and words that don't seem right.

5. Generally you should be ok in a mall: Large mall operators like Simon, GGP, Westfield, and Vornado are very strict with any retailer selling fake goods.

6. Clarity and color of the fragrance: Check for discoloration, murkiness, bubbles and an excessively oily feel of the fragrance.

7. Check the bottom of the box for the barcode: Sometimes barcodes are hard to duplicate, if your barcode looks strange you might have a fake on your hands.

Now regarding pricing, most large department stores don't discount their fragrances due to large overhead and employee expenses. This provides an opportunity for specialty fragrance stores and kiosks to pop up within malls across the country. As small business operators they are allowed to set prices cheaper than the big department stores. They are more nimble with pricing and have much less overhead expenses and best yet the products are identical. Perfumania has adopted this strategy very successfully nationwide.

In conclusion, some of the above pointers sound like common sense but its funny how quickly people forget when they have a great deal in front of them. If you use these tips you should be fine with your next purchase of your favorite fragrance.

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