New York Style Pizza or Chicago Style Pizza.. The Great Debate Rages On

September 23, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The battle of the pizzas has been raging for at least several generations now: Which "style" of pizza-making is better? According to, everyone has his or her favorite, and the two most popular types have come to be associated with two beloved American cities: Chicago and New York.

Some folks prefer the New York style pizza. It is well over a century old, first seen in that city around the turn of the last century. New York style pizzas can be identified primarily by the type of dough: it is stretched very thin and can be easily bent or curved in the hand in order to facilitate eating. New York style pizzas, made the traditional way, are tossed into the air, spun around and around, to get that dough to stretch to its thinnest. With this type of pizza you cannot pile on the toppings, and most who like New York style like it with just a little bit of sauce and a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese.

On the other hand, Chicago style pizza has earned a solid place in the hearts — and stomachs — of thousands. Chicago style is sometimes referred to as "deep-dish" pizza, because the traditional way to make it is in a deep dish, with a crust edge like a pie, several inches thick and capable of holding a lot of cheese, tomato sauce and other ingredients. The tomato sauce used is often very chunky in consistency, with sliced mozzarella, and lots of meat, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers. Oil may be applied liberally to the crust, sometimes pre-baking it partially to facilitate a complete cook-thru. If you live somewhere else, don't despair: There are outlets (some online!) that allow you to order a partially-baked Chicago style pizza, which will be shipped to your home, where you can then complete the baking in your own oven. The preparation of Chicago style pizza takes time, and also requires more time to bake, than its New York cousin.

For many, their preference will be dictated by the city or region of their birth and family. These loyalties to the "hometown" can be intense and deep! For others they may prefer some aspect of a particular style. New York style pizza-lovers often don't like "all that bread" and prefer a lighter, thinner pizza-eating experience. Those favoring Chicago style pizzas prefer a pizza you can really "load down" with any and every topping available. Thick-crust or thin … served by the slice or whole pie … for take-out or for eating-in … both of these pizza styles have their die-hard fans, each side claiming that theirs is the "best". What do you think? Speaking for many, one person has said, "I don't play favorites — when it comes to pizza I'm an equal-opportunity eater". is the one stop resource for everything related to pizza.

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