Do Fat Burning Foods Really Exist or Is This Just a Weight Loss Myth?

September 24, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Everywhere you look this company or that website is promoting foods that can help you lose weight without offering very many details, leaving many dieters to wonder if their food choices have any relation to stalled weight loss efforts. At, creator Rob Poulos makes it clear that fat burning foods are not a myth but he also stresses that they don't make up a complete weight loss program.

The fat burning foods that can give your weight loss a boost are not magical foods that will melt away excess fat overnight, but rather these foods like cucumbers, garlic, bananas and mushrooms simply make your body work harder to break them down. These fat burning foods, as defined on, are generally low in calories and high in nutrients like fiber so you feel full on fewer calories than say, a bag of potato chips.

Unlike many diet resources that advocate avoiding late night snacking, Poulos encourages dieters to satisfy hunger by turning to these fat burning foods that fill you up while burning a few additional calories. "Going to bed hungry is one of the worst things you can do," states Poulos. "You can boost fat loss by eating the right type of dish an hour before you go to sleep."

This information flies in the face of traditional diet wisdom that has left many dieters stuck in the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain. In addition to boosting fat loss, these foods are part of a healthy diet that contributes to improved overall health, which is an essential part of successful fat loss.

Would you rather know the benefits of eating healthy foods that boost your body's ability to burn more fat or eat carrot sticks under the mistaken belief they will help you lose an extra pound a week? That's the distinction Poulos hopes that dieters will learn about fat loss. Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables give your fat burning efforts a boost while also providing you with many other health benefits that can reduce the risk of obesity-related illnesses.

Despite the rhetoric behind fat burning foods, they can do a lot to help your efforts to lose weight. was started by Rob Poulos who struggled for years with his own weight loss before finding a workable solution to his fat burning problem. His efficient Fat Burning Furnace System is geared toward permanent fat loss and maintenance. His website and fat burning furnace blog offers a list of fat burning foods along with their health benefits and easy ways to incorporate them into your diet.