BlockMaster Unveils New SafeConsole with Unified Licensing and New Security Features

September 27, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
BlockMaster the worldwide leader within managed secure USB drives today announces the immediate release of the new version of the SafeConsole central management server software. The new SafeConsole 4.2 software release brings unified licensing to manage all SafeConsoleReady Devices with yearly subscription or lifetime licensing options available, in addition to new powerful anti-malware features.

New Unified SafeConsole Licensing One Server and a Choice of Devices to Manage
SafeConsole provides remote central management of secure USB Flash drives and offers a host of security and productivity features. Under the banner of the SafeConsoleReady program, BlockMaster unites all secure USB Flash drives managed by the SafeConsole central management server. The new release introduces new universal SafeConsole licenses that provide organizations freedom of selection among the range of secure USB Flash drives currently available from BlockMaster and Kingston ― with more vendors soon to be announced. The new licenses come in the form of the products "SafeConsole" which includes the most highly demanded features and the "SafeConsole Expansion Pack" that offers additional power-user features. The new products are available as yearly subscriptions or as lifetime purchases.

New Powerful Anti-malware Features
SafeConsole 4.2 also provides the world's first fully integrated on-access anti-virus for managed secure USB Flash drives. The Sophos SafeConsoleReady Anti-Virus can now be deployed and managed on any SafeConsoleReady Device. The best of breed solutions offer transparent and lightning fast operation and sets a new standard for anti-virus on USB Flash storage. Sophos SafeConsoleReady Anti-Virus is available worldwide at an additional cost through BlockMaster's channel partners.

As malware is ever more prevalent, SafeConsole 4.2 unveils a new feature which allows users and administrators to enable their SafeConsoleReady secure USB Flash drive as read only. The 'Write Protection' feature helps prevent malware from infecting devices and thus keeping it from entering the corporate network.

End of Sales and End of Life for Previous Licensing Options
Previous licensing options will be available for sale until the 1st of November and will be supported for the remainder of their current license period. This does not affect the SafeConsole for Kingston license.

More Information
More information and new SKU's are available at

About BlockMaster
BlockMaster provides complete control of portable data. Easy to deploy, its unique SafeConsole® allows administrators to track, manage and enforce policy for managed secure USB drives, anywhere in the world. SafeConsoleReady® devices such as SafeStick® protect all stored data. The solution is available world-wide and trusted to serve the versatile security needs of enterprise and government customers.

About SafeConsoleReady
SafeConsoleReady®, an open invitation from BlockMaster to third-party manufacturers of Applications, Servers and Devices to join forces and collaborate. Technology partners can integrate new brands of secure USB drives and devices to work with BlockMaster's SafeConsole management system, access SafeConsole from third-party server interfaces and bundle additional portable software applications which can then be rolled out to new or existing SafeConsoleReady Devices.