Osprit Inc. Acquires eBible.com

September 28, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Seattle-based company Osprit Inc., owner of oobible.com, has acquired eBible.com.

"eBible.com is a great brand and has served its community well for the past 6 years since inception. What oobible brings to the table, is an infusion of new technology, innovation, skills and capital to help eBible.com realize its vision of becoming the best online Bible in the world", says Colin Wong, CEO of Osprit.

Wong was an early Google employee and helped lead the launch and rapid growth of its highly successful Google AdSense program, enabling publishers to monetize their content on the Internet. Prior to leaving Google, Wong also managed some of Google's largest AdWords advertisers including Amazon, Expedia, eBay and more.

Mark Sears, former CEO of eBible.com says, "After seeing the innovation in oobible and hearing the hearts behind the technology, we are thrilled to partner with them and see the original eBible.com vision realized."

An early preview edition of eBible.com launched today. Osprit's technology now enables eBible.com readers to interact with the scripture like a real book. You can highlight and underline verses as well as write notes on the side margin to journal your thoughts.

"We wanted a clean, simple interface, something that people can come in, and really just focus on the word. We wanted to create an experience that mimics physical books, so you can highlight, annotate on it and bridge the gap between physical books and the e-book world", says Wong.

In addition, the new eBible.com also introduces VerseLink, a Wordpress/Drupal plugin that automatically creates links from any scripture references (i.e. John 3:16) in a blog or web page. Simply add one line of code in a web page. Then when a user hovers their mouse cursor over the link, an eBible pop-up window automatically shows the complete scripture content within the page itself.

The full version of eBible.com will officially launch in November 2011 with over 40+ Bible translations across all major mobile platforms, including the iPhone, iPad and Android.