Crime Prevention Products Says Good Home Security Need Not Be Pricey

September 28, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Crime statistics show that most burglaries result from opportunity criminals will scout out a property and target it if they see obvious weaknesses, such as easily opened windows or entry points where they can go comfortably unnoticed. For this reason, reputable security experts such as Crime Prevention Products say that the public should view their homes from a thief's point of view to see how well it stands the test of safety.

Effective home security comes down to making it as difficult as possible for a criminal to gain access without anyone being the wiser, and if the worst happens and they succeed, to make sure that valuables are not easily found.

Specialists recommend doing a security vulnerability checklist, such as:

  • Are there overgrown shrubs that could shield a criminal if they should try to gain access? Movement sensitive lighting should be considered for all entry points to deter prying eyes.
  • Are the locks on doors and windows strong enough? Criminals make it their business to test security levels at properties. Often they can even tell by a look whether locks are not up to scratch and can be broken without much fuss.
  • Is the home left empty and dark for extended periods? This is one of the prime invitations that burglars look for. Even if going away overnight, it's advisable to install timer switches to turn on lights and appliances automatically so that potential intruders think there is someone in. Especially if away on holiday, it's also wise to ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye out.
  • Are valuables in easy view? It's important to keep expensive items hidden from view of passers-by. It's also wise to place small, easily stolen items such as passports and car keys in safe cans or safe books so that criminals can't find them even if they manage to gain access.

  • In addition, security specialists say that alarms for doors and windows are crucial for the reasonable protection of any house or flat. In many cases, a burglar will be deterred even by seeing a sticker that lists the home security system that monitors a property.

    Currently, there is a wealth of alarm systems available on the market to suit most preferences and budgets. Customers can choose a simple wireless system that most anyone could setup, or a professionally placed electronic system to cover a vast area.

    Terry Rattee, CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, explained the importance of home security for every kind of property: "Just a few simple, affordable measures can go a long way in keeping homes safe from opportunistic burglars. With so many effective products available, everyone can take steps to ensure criminals don't find their property appealing."