- Can You Decide Which Forex Broker Is Best?

September 29, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Are you interested in worldwide currencies? The financial fact of life today is that the economies and fortunes of all nations are linked together in a worldwide community. Economic developments in one world region — either positive or negative — are almost immediately known and felt in other nations and regions.

Many are intrigued by FOREX (short for foreign exchange market, currency market or FX for short) but are, frankly, shy to participate themselves in trading due to the technical and investment knowledge that is required. For these people, forex brokers are a good alternative. Simply put, a forex broker aligns one who wants to buy a particular world currency with someone who wants to sell it. Brokers earn their commissions based on the difference between this currency buy and sell price (commonly called a spread). Some forex brokers will charge a flat fee for their work, while others will be paid on a commission basis. They will usually allow you to submit your trading instructions on a "trading platform," which usually operates as an online system which you access via your computer. Most of these trading platforms allow you to have access to your account from any location you may be at, at any time of the day or night, keeping in mind that the FOREX market is truly worldwide and never sleeps.

For the more advanced trader, AVAFX is a smart choice in trading platforms. You have your choice of trading in literally dozens of different worldwide currencies, and you may also trade in the value of various precious metals as well (gold, silver, platinum, etc.). For those short on cash, they permit you to start using their tools with as little as USD $100.00. They also charge no commissions or fees, and with an AVA debit card you can withdraw all your funds immediately. If you are interested, AVA also offers trading in non-currency products such as commodities (such as gas, sugar, rice, cotton), and even oil and stock index trading. You can also enjoy commission-free trading as well as make deposits or withdrawals from your account without paying a commission fee. As you are going to be online you will no doubt love the fact that you will have 24-hour access to the platform, 7 days a week. They are also staffed with support professionals who are available at any time.

Another popular platform is the eToro. If you check out any eToro review, you will learn that they offer you a free practice account (so that you can master the fundamentals both of trading as well as the use of the software itself). Others are really enjoying the fact that they can trade with no commissions, with that personalized touch. Currently eToro is offering a $1,000.00 cash bonus when you sign up and open your account with them. Many who are new to FOREX trading really appreciate the easy-to-understand displays and helpful knowledge base. With eToro, you can trade in ALL the major world currencies, and spreads can be from 2 pips. Your account can also be opened with deposits in several different currencies: EUR, GBP and USD are all options, facilitating traders located in any of the world's major trading zones.