New line of pediatric arch supports available directly without a doctor's prescription.

October 04, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News announces a new line of pediatric arch supports available directly without a doctor's prescription.

Many young parents have questions regarding early development of their children, particularly as they begin to walk. One of the more common questions is pediatric flatfoot. Is a flatfoot normal in early walkers? Does a flatfoot hinder a child's ability to walk? An evaluation by a pediatrician often results in a response similar to, "don't worry, your child will grow out of it." But will they? Or should treatment begin as the child begins to bear weight.

Dr. Jeffrey Oster is the medical director of, a web based, educationally oriented foot and ankle care web site. "The single most predictive factor in assessing pediatric flatfoot is family history. Do the parents and grand parents have a history of flatfeet? If so, there's a strong probability that the child will inherit these traits. And if that probability is found, I'll suggest the parents consider the use of a pediatric arch support"

How is pediatric flatfoot treated? Doctors will often recommend traditional arch supports that are inserted into the shoe. Shoe modifications can also be used to support the arch. These modifications include a Thomas heel to inhibit pronation and arch cookies. Arch cookies are simple adhesive backed arch supports that fit into the shoe and take up little space in the shoe.

Prescription arch supports can be custom made or over the counter. "It's a rare occasion that I order a prescription arch support for an early walker", said Oster. "Over-the-counter (OTC) inserts like a Whitman or UCBL insert work great in children's shoes." has recently introduced a full line of OTC pediatric arch supports. These are supports are now available directly without a doctors prescription.