VURIA™ Creative Technology Offers Enhanced Live Chat Solutions

October 07, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
VURIA™ Creative Technology, a Scottsdale website design company, has just announced its latest offering of Live Chat customer support solutions. VURIA™ Live Chat offers real-time customer support solutions that enable you to personally chat with customers while they are visiting your website – from your desktop or your mobile device! VURIA's Live Chat empowers businesses to deliver superior customer support services and prevent website and shopping cart abandonment by answering customers' questions as they are shopping online. VURIA™ Live Chat solutions feature:

  • Global Chat History – Quickly view every conversation that occurs between support agents and customers!
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring – Receive data on visits to your website as they occur!
  • Mobile Phone App – Use your mobile phone to chat live with visitors of your website!
  • Multiple Operators and Divisions – Visitors to your site can select the department or type of support specialist they want to speak with (i.e., sales, support, shipping, etc.)
  • Chat Transfer Between Operators – Operators can direct visitors to the right departments in one easy step.
  • Operator to Operator Chats – Streamlined communication among your support staff during a live customer chat.
  • Group chats – Multiple agents can provide support to a single customer together, from any desktop or mobile device!
  • Typing Notification – Operators can verify activity on the other side of the chat while they are awaiting a response from customers.
  • No Plugins To Download – Once the platform is set up, customers and agents can begin chatting immediately – with no additional plugins to download!
  • Detailed Reporting – All chat data between agents and customers can be stored and customized for easy analysis and insight. Check out the screen shots at our website!

  • VURIA™ Live Chat allows your business to get a leg up on the competition by delivering a personalized online experience to your customers. Recent studies reveal that the number one frustration customers express about most companies' customer support services is that they are unable to connect with a live person. VURIA™ Live Chat allows your business to provide the real-time personal interaction that customers want. VURIA™ Live Chat enables your company to convert website visitors into new customers and keep your existing customers happy by providing a level of personalized customer service that your competitors do not.

    VURIA™ Live Chat also offers an integrated real-time visitor monitoring system, which lets you instantaneously view and classify valuable data about visitors to your site. VURIA's visitor monitoring helps your business better evaluate the effectiveness and improve the efficiency of your customer support services. Live chat agents can customize the information displayed in the chat client window and compile details on a variety of visitor data, such as navigation history, time spent on the site, number of visits, number of pages per visit, landing pages, exit pages, referral sites, and much more. And you can view it all – and support it all – right from your mobile device!

    "Everyone at VURIA™ is very excited about our new live chat solutions," said Martin Diamond, president of the Scottsdale web development firm. "VURIA™ Live Chat empowers our clients to provide superior and affordable customer service and truly stand out from their competitors by personally interacting with customers online, and the integration with mobile devices is outstanding," he added. To develop a Phoenix web design package that is right for your business, visit or call 1-855-GO-VURIA (locally 480.315.8040) today.