Explore North Africa And The Middle East On A Budget with Egypt And Jordan Tours

October 11, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Travel it is a natural urge that most people have, to explore this world and all the wonders that it has to offer. A large proportion makes do with an annual holiday and a week or two in the sun; others opt to take months or years out to really immerse themselves in new countries and new cultures. The desire to adventure is inbuilt for a lot of people, but financial constraints often prevent them from travelling to dream destinations. Thankfully today there are tour operators that offer adventure holidays to exotic places all over the world without charging a fortune. One such operator is Nomadic and it has recently launched a choice of tours to Egypt and Jordan.


British people have been enraptured with Egypt since 1922, when English archaeologist Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun's tomb and the craze for Egyptology really took hold. The history of the North African country has enticed a plethora of tourists throughout the years since then, to visit the Valley of the Kings and to see the Great Pyramids. Egypt is famous for its legendary sights but is also a favourite destination for travellers who want to explore the cities, the desert, the Nile and the Red Sea. Others prefer to relax in swanky hotels and spend time by the pool, relaxing completely.

The great thing about Egypt is that all of these options and more are open to people who travel there, and tour operators can arrange adventure breaks to this magical country at very affordable prices.


Jordan is an ideal destination if you want to explore and indulge your adventurous side. As there are in Egypt, there are relaxing things to do in Jordan too, like floating in the Dead Sea and enjoying great hotels, but there is a lot more to see than that. Jordan is another country that is rich with history and there remain numerous ancient ruins that are fascinating spots to visit. Jerash and the capital Amman are home to some stunning remnants of halcyon days and the hidden city of Petra is just awesome. This place harks back to 100 BC and still looks amazing today. After a walk down a sandy ravine there appears an edifice carved into the surrounding rock and this is a spectacle that should not be missed. This scene was actually used in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade a fittingly adventurous film to be made there.

As mentioned, Nomadic www.nomadic-tours.com has recently launched a range of inexpensive tours to Egypt and Jordan. By arranging flights with budget airlines and carefully choosing quality hotels that offer great value for money, adventure holidays to exotic destinations do not cost a fortune with this operator.

Both Egypt and Jordan are incredible places and perfect holiday spots for those with an urge to explore the world and its treasures and thanks to the tours available with Nomadic, such adventure breaks are more accessible than ever.


Nomadic is an independent tour operator that organises exciting holidays to the exotic locations of Morocco, Egypt and Jordan. These vacations can involve a variety of activities and styles of break, from sailing up the River Nile to camel trekking gin to the Sahara Desert.

Nomadic www.nomadic-tours.com can help to discover new countries, cultures and sights and to make some memories that you will cherish forever. The company works hard to find savings on air travel and hotels to save you money, but still offers fantastic facilities, so you can enjoy an amazing adventure holiday for less.


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