Biography of desire, a book of poems by a survivor of childhood sexual abuse is now on sale at, The writer will donate a portion of the sales to RAINN

October 23, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Biography of Desire is a trip from childhood to maturity, a journey through an ocean sometimes unruly, sometimes calm, with heaps of storms, generally inner ones, inspired by the poet own experiences, and by writers such as Sylvia Plath, Auden, HC Andersen, Luis Cernuda, Miguel Hernández, Maya Angelou or Paul Celan.

The experience of this inner journey through different states of being starts with a rape, a childhood sexual abuse which marks the tides and the waves erasing happy memories.

The poetic-I is a broken voice, sometimes on the verge of existentialism, some others speaking from depression and mental disorder; almost always from the strangeness of a world which is too beautiful and sinister at the same time, which he is unable to understand.

Biography of Desire is an attempt to understand such duality.

Due to the topics related in these poems, for each book sold, Adrià Guinart will donate a 33 % of the creator's revenue to RAINN, the nation's largest anti sexual organization. More info about RAINN can be found at

From the afterword by the own poet: "Sexual abuse is sometimes confused with sexual initiation, but there are small differences, I will not write this as another testimonial, the poetic-I speaks for myself. I was aware of the abuse thanks to a Suzanne Vega song, and I found out an association to support sexual abuse victims, rape or incest through Tori Amos: RAINN. My first contact was through their online help service, and from there a trail was drawn, where I could find therapists, people who had gone through the same, who helped me. Even so, I still hurt myself from time to time. And I keep on working on that."

The book is now available at, in two formats, a paperback edition and an e-book for digital download.

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