Medical Doctor's Book Explores Treatment Protocol to Increase Immune System and Prevent Disease

October 20, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
St. Louis, MO. When patients are told they have perfect lab tests when suffering unexplained symptoms, this points to a missing link in medical evaluation, says Simon Yu MD in his book, "Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients."

Dr Yu explains in layman's terms the five principle causes leading to a weakened immune system and how by testing and treating these one can help to prevent disease. "Illness develops because one's immune system is weakened." Dr Yu says. He states that the following five causes of weakened immune system function lie outside the purview of conventional medical treatment and often remain undetected. These are:

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity;
  • Parasites;
  • Food Allergies;
  • Poor Die and Nutrition;
  • and Dental Problems.

  • According to Dr. Yu's book, a long list of diseases ranging from asthma to cancer often spontaneously disappear when one or more of these underlying causes is discovered and treated. "A state of chronic unwellness marked by multiple vague complaints often doesn't fit into a standard medical classification," explains Dr Yu. He advises readers to consult an alternative medical provider to investigate the five causes listed above if your doctor tells you all is well but you feel lousy.

    Dr. Yu's findings are a culmination of fifteen years treating patients outside the medical-pharmaceutical model, drawing on Eastern medical philosophy. This approach was preceded by twenty-five years as US Army Reserve medical officer and ten years practicing Internal Medicine for an HMO. It was that latter that led to his challenging the limitations of evidence-based medicine in which he was educated.

    Dr. Yu describes his treatment as a "new" medicine based on ancient principles that view the human body as a delicate energy system analogous to a fine musical instrument, such as a violin. At the crux of his approach is what he describes as "the missing link" in traditional medical diagnostics. These are limited to measuring only biomechanical and biochemical systems. Dr. Yu's approach is based on measuring the body's energy systems found in acupuncture meridians.

    Dr. Yu's treatments address each of these causes and, in many instances, the body heals itself regardless of the patient's diagnosis. This phenomenon is described by Dr Yu as the "accidental cure," thus the title of his book. "Discovering and correcting the underlying problems allows your body to heal itself regardless of your diagnosis," explains Dr. Yu.

    Dr. Yu's clinic, Prevention and Healing, Inc. is located in St Louis and recently co-sponsored the Seventh International Medical Conference attended by doctors, dentists and chiropractors representing multiple countries. The conference focused on the integration of medical, dental and chiropractic disciplines in healing.

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