The First-Of-Its-Kind Book Application Hits iTunes

October 21, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Vilnius, October: "Mousey Howsee and the Rescuers", presented by "Realverus" together with Interactive agency "Gaumina", is the first mobile children book application where story line changes according to the outside weather and the time of the day and it is now available on the App Store.

"Mousey Howsee and the Rescuers", an interactive picture book app for children, is the first in "Realverus" series of educational Mousey Howsee stories apps, recommended for children aged 3 and up. As praised in numerious Mac related blogs, it is the first mobile children book application where user's coordinates are tracked through location based service. Then software understands is it day or night, winter or summer and changes the user experience accordingly.

If a kid will take the iPad into his/her hands in the morning, he will see Mousey Howsee having breakfast, in the evening - Mousey will go to sleep. On a shiny day Mousey Howsee will rent a boat, on a stormy weather, it will steal the boat and etc.

'Even guys from "Apple" could not get why does a fairytale need location service. They actually advised us to remove this function, 'says Donatas Malinauskas, Managing Director of Realverus. In addition app book combines the best from audio, video, gaming, riddles', interactive worlds and attracts children to read the story again and again. Moreover it's educational in order to save the main hero from trouble kid would have to dial rescuers' number on the screen.

The "Mousey Howsee and the rescuers App" is a fresh take on the educational books. It does not lecture, but let children to find by themselves, that they have to trust rescuers in the face of danger happen. It features beautiful and witty illustrations by young Lithuanian artist Andrius Sliogeris; sophisticated animation by Jin Ho Kang (Korea); lively narration by real mothers and fathers. It's the rich interactivity that brings this book app to life. In "Mousey Howsee and the Rescuers" readers make the magic happen. By tapping, swiping, dragging and dropping, they can help Mousey Howsee to survive. They can even call the rescuers for the help. These activities give children an active role in advancing the story.

'Electronic books are getting more and more popular. We are proud of being among the first-comers of real interactive writers' telling our story differently in depending on changing conditions of real life, ' says Jurga Sakalauskaite, one of the creators of interactive book app.

"Mousey Howsee and the Rescuers", written by J. Sakalauskaite and D. Malinauskas is the story which will be interesting both for the pupil and for the one, who doesn't know the letters yet. The opportunity to influence the story will give a lot of joy.

Book is and will be clean from advertising, cross promotion or product placement in any form.

'Education through gaming is learning of the future. The fun of rich content, magic moment of gaming and non linearity of experience are effective teachers. It's actually not a book, it's an überbook,' says Darius Bagdziunas director of interactive agency Gaumina.

Availability and Pricing
Starting October 17th, "Mousey Howsee and the Rescuers" App is available from the App Store for the price of £3.99 on iPad.

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About the producers
"Realverus" is a new publishing house (est. 2010). Donatas Malinauskas is Managing Director. The Lithuanian version of the story "Mousey Howsee and the Rescuers" is the best selling interactive e-book for children in Lithuania. "We hope to work hard and believe that our step into interactive book's market will be successful."

Gaumina JSC is the largest interactive agency in the Baltics. Founded in 1998, Gaumina accounts for 39 percent of the Lithuanian interactive market and has completed more than 2000 online projects. The company works on projects for "Procter and Gamble", "Nokia", "Unilever" "MTV", "7UP", "Nissan", "Phillip Morris", "FIBA Europe" as well as Irish public sector. The agency won many International awards for the most creative projects.

Authors: Jurga Sakalauskaite, Donatas Malinauskas
Artist: Andrius Sliogeris, Lithuania
Animation: Jin Ho Kang, South Korea

UAB "Gaumina"
A.Gostauto 40B
LT-01112 Vilnius

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