Grado SR80i & Grado SR80i Headphones Dominate Mid-Range Headphone Sales at Doug Brady Hi-Fi

October 23, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Portable digital music players may play high quality audio files, but without suitable headphones to match, sound quality will always be impaired. Whilst factory issued headphones suffice for many, the popularity of high-end headphones is growing fast. A recent NPD survey has revealed that high quality headphone sales increased 150% since last year. Grado headphones are one of the most respected brands in the under £200 bracket, with the with the Grado SR80i and Grado SR325is two of the most popular choices for high fidelity listening at Doug Brady Hi-Fi. Music lovers are discovering the benefits of spending upwards of £60 on a pair of high quality .

High quality audio files may be played with an iPods and iPhones, but without high quality headphones sound quality will always be compromised. "High quality headphones can make all the difference to the listening experience" says Doug Brady Hi-Fi MD Charles Clowes. The Cheshire based store has seen rise in headphone sales in recent months, with models over £100 becoming increasingly popular for private home listening.

A recent survey conducted by Doug Brady Hi-Fi demonstrated that 30% of London Tube travellers were wired for sound when travelling to work, confirming the popularity of private music listening. "it's only when you compare headphones side to side that you really appreciate the difference in quality, especially between the budget and mid range. The difference between a standard pair in ear headphones and a model of open backed headphones such as the Grado SR325is is enormous" says Clowes

Headphones are increasingly being chosen for private home listening, with the Grado SR80i and Grado SR325is providing the quality to match any home Hi-Fi system. Both models have just been awarded Best Buy Awards, in the 2011 What Hi-Fi review, winning "best home on-ears up to £150", and "best home on-ears £150+" respectively, a title that both the Grado SR325is and Grado SR80i have held for two years.
Grado headphones of frequently recommended due to their innovative design, as Clowes explains "Headphones have inherent design problems. With an enclosed ear, there are vibrations and deflected sound waves and this can seriously reduce sound quality. To tackle this the Grado SR80i and Grado SR325is use an open backed design and let sound leak out to prevent unwanted reflections"

A more natural sound is certainly achievable, but it comes at the expense of purely personal listening. For home listening the audio experience is seriously enhanced, but for public transport less expansive sound may still need to be endured or fellow commuters will hear every note.

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