Vita Audio R1 MkII Best Digital Radio and Vita Audio R4i Best All-in-one Music System Reports Doug Brady Hi-Fi

October 23, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
When it comes to portable digital radios, Vita Audio lead the field. The release of the Vita Audio R1 was met with almost universal applause for its style, compact dimensions and excellent sound. This year sees the release of the Vita Audio R1 MkII, improving on the design of its award winning predecessor. The Vita Audio R1 MkII boasts a larger screen, a dual alarm function and a switchable output for connecting up an iPod, iPhone or iPad. It also allows for internet radio through a docked unit alongside DAB and FM radio, and DAB+ broadcasts when they are broadcasted.

"The Vita Audio R1 Mk II is undoubtedly better for all its improvements, but what is sure to see it purchased over rival brands is the sheer versatility of the latest release" says Doug Brady Hi-Fi MD Charles Clowes. The Vita Audio R1 Mk II is highly portable, and adds a backpack battery and hand stitched leather carry case, further increasing its appeal. "When space is at a premium in the home, the Vita Audio R1 Mk II is a natural choice" says Clowes.

The latest upgrades have been recognised at today's What Hi-Fi awards, with the Vita Audio R1 Mk II winning a Best Buy award for Best DAB/FM radio.

For those looking for more versatility from a music player, the Vita Audio R4i is an attractive prospect. It offers the power of a traditional music system, yet at a fraction of the size. The Vita Audio R4i boasts a multi-format CD player, powerful amplifier and speaker system, and top loading iPod dock with a DAB/DAB+/FM tuner. It is a complete a music system in miniature form, yet the sound it produces belies its size.

"The Vita Audio R4i uses the latest C-CAM tweeters and a new bass driver, and offers excellent sound with a good stereo image. There is crispness and clarity to vocals and a warm and pleasing sound, with plenty of punch from the integrated sub woofer" says Clowes. The Vita Audio R4i has also picked up a Best Buy award today, being What Hi-Fi's pick of Best all-in-one music system.

Both models have been selling well at Doug Brady Hi-Fi since their release last year, and with the latest upgrades and even better usability they are sure to be a feature on many a Christmas list this winter.

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