Chicago Heating Company Offering $75 Furnace Tune Up Before Bitter Cold Strikes

October 26, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Chicago, IL. With predictions of another nasty winter starting to sink in with Chicago residents, most are doing all they can to prepare. Since the cold weather is another month or two away, there is still time to stock up on shovels, snow blowers, winter clothes, etc. But one thing that is sometimes overlooked in all this preparation is furnace maintenance.

For whatever reason, many people put off getting their furnaces tuned up until after they experience some kind of breakdown. Some just don't have the time, but many others don't believe they have the money. Some experts believe that failure to do proper furnace maintenance may cost more time and money in the long run, when an expensive breakdown on a cold winter morning leaves residents scrambling to get the situation under control.

Local Chicago heating company, TDH Mechanical is providing a good incentive for Chicagoland residents to get their furnace maintenance done now, before the major breakdown happens. They are offering furnace tune ups for only $75.

"We know that in today's economy, a lot of our customers are having a hard time making ends meet," TDH Mechanical owner Tim Hancz says. "With so many people out of work, it's tough for them to come up with the money to prepare for our tough Chicago winters. The sad fact is that many of them will end up paying far more if their furnace breaks down in the middle of the winter. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to get their furnace maintenance taken care of now."

Furnace tune ups need to be performed by professionals who know what they're doing. TDH believes that their approach puts them a cut above most other HVAC contractors in this department as well.

"There are lots of heating and cooling companies out there," Hancz continues. "But what most people don't realize is that many of them outsource their work to third party subcontractors with questionable credentials. At TDH, our approach is different. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we use only in house contractors that are licensed, bonded, insured, and well qualified to do the job. This ensures that with TDH, your furnace tune-up will not only be affordable, but it will be a quality job as well."

About TDH Mechanical:

TDH Mechanical is a family-owned and operated HVAC Contractor that has been providing heating and cooling services to the greater Chicago area since 1985. They offer residential and commercial heating and cooling services from any of their multiple Chicagoland locations, including 24/7 emergency repairs. All services are performed by experienced in-house contractors. TDH does not outsource to 3rd party subcontractors.

TDH's Chicagoland furnace tune up sale offers Chicago area families that are on tight budgets the opportunity to take care of their furnace maintenance for the upcoming winter for only $75. TDH believes their sale will help more families to stay warm during the long, cold winter ahead. For more information, go to

Owner: Tim Hancz
Phone: 312-765-7334