Lifebroker: Tower Rebrands to TAL Life Insurance

October 26, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Tower Life Insurance made its name offering Australians solid life insurance policies for a variety of different situations. With a track record of financial savvy and excellent customer care, the company quickly gained recognition among major financial institutions and families alike. Among its many accomplishments, Tower Life Insurance was a silver finalist in the 2010 Money Management Adviser Choice Risk Awards. Now, Tower Life Insurance has just announced that is has been bought by The Dai-ichi Life Company and rebranded "TAL Life Insurance."

Lifebroker is excited to announce that we will be offering TAL's rebranded suite of insurance products. TAL's product line will not only help Australians feel a greater sense of security but also help them save money. From Total and Permanent Disability Insurance to Income Protection Standard Insurance to Trauma Insurance, these insurance services will be able to provide much needed peace of mind. As of June 2011, TAL was ranked as the 3rd largest life insurer in Australia. With a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent, the company is only poised to continue its phenomenal success.

The TAL Life Insurance products that Lifebroker offers include:

  • TAL Accelerated Protection Life Insurance Plan
  • TAL Accelerated Protection
  • TAL Accelerated Protection TPD Plan
  • TAL Accelerated Protection Critical Illness Insurance Plan
  • TAL Accelerated Protection Income Protection Plan

  • Lifebroker upholds the belief that life insurance doesn't have to be complex to deliver value. All of the policies we carry are designed to meet the needs of our customers. Simplicity, efficiency, and clarity are the hallmarks underpinning our approach to insurance services. TAL is dedicated to delivering high quality service at a fast rate. TAL pays out claims as quickly as possible and works with each customer to guarantee satisfaction. Lifebroker understands that major events in life are stressful. We take the time to work with each of our customers in order to make sure their needs are fully met. More importantly, we only connect our customers with those companies that we feel can meet our high personal care standards.

    Businesses have always appreciated Tower Life Insurance's approach to handling risk management. TAL Life Insurance upholds this approach. All business customers can relax knowing that they are supported by a responsible approach to business governance. Finding group life insurance that protects valuable employees without hurting the bottom line is TAL's specialty.

    In addition to Lifebroker's impressive array of insurance options, we are pleased to distribute TAL Life Insurance because of its underlying commitment to corporate responsibility. TAL believes that contributing to the surrounding community and environment is a vital part of good business practice. In addition to taking steps to minimise its impact on the environment, TAL encourages each of its employees to become actively involved in the community to foster a greater atmosphere of trust and responsibility.

    Insurance isn't just a series of dry facts and figures. It's a way of intelligently dealing with the everyday realities of life. TAL Life Insurance helps businesses and families take the stress out of handling difficult situations. With its comprehensive array of insurance products, TAL customers can focus on enjoying their lives to the fullest. Lifebroker looks forward to a continued partnership with TAL Life Insurance.