Planet Green, Remanufacturers of Recycled Inkjet Cartridges, Announces Free Shipping Until 2012

October 28, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In an unprecedented move, Planet Green of California ( is now offering Free Shipping to inkjet Re-Sellers nationwide on bulk orders over $250 through the end of 2011. This adds up to significant savings for both online and offline retailers looking for a quality re-manufactured inkjet product for their customers.

Name brand or the Original Equipment Manufacturer's printer cartridges are notoriously costly for end-users. The OEM's spend a significant amount of R&D dollars designing new printers, new cartridge models, new color packages, and new ways to sell ink at cumulative costs that often exceed the cost of the printer many times over. Buying re-manufactured inkjets can save companies, organizations and individuals hundreds to thousands of dollars over the course of a given fiscal year depending on their printing volume.

Planet Green's Inkjet Cartridges ( are sold under their FOCUS brand name and are considered a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive OEM cartridges. For instance, an HP® MODEL #57 (Tricolor Ink Cartridge) OEM Retail Price is generally around $39.99 compared to Planet Green's MSRP of $27.99 and a Canon® 211XL (Extra Large Ink Tank) OEM Retail is around $28.99 and only $20.99 MSRP for Planet Green's FOCUS brand.

The key to an inkjet cartridge re-seller's success in the re-manufactured world hinges on both quality and consistency. Planet Green's FOCUS brand is the result of continuous re-investment, improvement and advancements in re-manufacturing technology. Planet Green has a strict policy of using only "virgin" cores that must pass both visual and circuit testing before being presented for re-manufacture. Planet Green also uses cartridge-specific inks made only in the USA and all caps are ultrasonically welded post-filling.

There are not only compelling cost benefits to purchasing re-manufactured inkjet cartridges, but there are environmental ones as well. More than 300 million printer cartridges end up in landfills each year despite the fact that 90% of them are recyclable. Each discarded printer cartridge becomes 3.5 pounds of solid landfill waste and can take anywhere from 450 to 1000 years to decompose. In addition, the average inkjet cartridge uses 3.5 oz. of oil in its production. It's easy to imagine this amount of oil saved in the re-use process a million times over. Lastly, the recovery and re-use of empty printer cartridges diverts millions of cubic feet from land waste disposal also saving millions in tax dollars for added landfill designations and management.

Planet Green recognizes that business has a direct and indirect impact on the environment and provides a solution for those looking to purchase recycled products to save money while also helping to keep electronic waste out of landfills. By offering an alternative to the prevailing end-of-life model for inkjet cartridges, Planet Green extends their life cycle so that everybody wins the Re-seller, the end-user, and Mother Earth.

Planet Green's free shipping on bulk orders expires at midnight on December 31, 2011. For information on how to become a Planet Green Re-Seller, please call 1-800-377-1093 or go to and sign-up.