HubShout's New Website Grader Tool Puts the Emphasis on Valuable SEO Data

November 01, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
HubShout, LLC, is a specialist in seo reseller services for SEO firms, design firms, advertising/PR agencies and any organization that has clients in need of search marketing services. HubShout resellers have the option to sell any or all of the search marketing services that are available through the SEO reseller program: pay-per-click advertising, white labeled email marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, SEO reporting services and local map optimization.

HubShout's reporting service is ideal for SEO firms that prefer to keep the work in-house, instead of SEO outsourcing. Firms that sign up for HubShout's reporting service use HubShout's dashboard to give their clients a clear picture of the progress and results of their SEO and other search marketing campaigns. Direct clients also benefit from the transparency and accountability of HubShout's SEO dashboard.

HubShout is committed to providing the latest technology based tools and services to their white label SEO resellers. To that end, HubShout's programmers continually look for deficiencies in the industry and develop new tools to fill the gaps. After lengthy research into the area of free website graders, it became clear that most are spewing data that is fairly useless in terms of improving search rankings. All of the web graders tested by HubShout focused almost exclusively on on-site SEO. HubShout President, Dr. Adam Stetzer, explains: "We've been fascinated by website graders since they came on the scene several years ago. However, it always seemed like they were overly focused on on-site SEO when everyone agrees that you need a good mix of on-site and off-site SEO to really rank. We are trying to build something that will more directly help people understand why they rank (or don't) when compared to their competition."

Typically, an individual in search of a web grader is already knowledgeable about onsite SEO tactics: using a good title tag, H1's, unique engaging content with targeted keywords and so on. But SEO experts concur that on-site SEO accounts for only 30% of search rankings. The most important metric for search rankings—off-site SEO—accounts for about 70% of search rankings. Recognizing this off-site SEO data deficiency in the web grader tools that were available, HubShout set to work to fill that void. HubShout programmers started laying the groundwork for a web grader designed to furnish truly valuable data about a website's off-site SEO standings.

Last month, HubShout rolled out phase one of the web grader tool. New features have already been added and many of the upgrades are based on feedback from actual users in the SEO community. HubShout's SEO resellers, direct clients and others who learned about the web grader from HubShout's web grader webinar, blogs and other sources on the web have provided constructive feedback that has helped steer the direction of the upgrades. HubShout will continue to add new features that will make the web grader the most comprehensive off-site SEO tool that is completely free to the public.

HubShout developed the web grader for the use of the SEO community and invites all to take advantage of the free tool. Those who wish to access the HubShout web grader can go to and enter their websites URLs. There is no registration required. However, users of the web grader do have the option to sign up for a free HubShout reporting account.

Users of the web grader are encouraged to contact HubShout directly with questions and comments. For more information about HubShout's white label SEO reseller program or services for direct clients, please contact HubShout's account management team.