Virtual Company Employs Virtual Moms for Winter Ski Reservations

November 03, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
In preparation for the winter holidays and upcoming ski season, City Concierge® ( a specialist in California resort reservations has added virtual moms to its staff. The company based out of Los Angeles, yet services popular destinations Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe and Big Bear found the perfect employees who are willing to work part time and during busy hours moms with kids in school.

Armed with laptops and cell phones, the moms are able to field reservation calls remotely, find rental vacation properties and appropriate hotels for customers and do all the functionality that would be done in an office, yet at home. After analyzing web traffic, Chief Everything Officer, Jefferson Lanz realized that moms would make the best employees. "Our busiest times are work hours before 3PM, so who better than a mom who wants to work part time to fill our niche employee" says Lanz. "The majority of calls for vacation planning assistance come from women".

City Concierge® is an independent reservation agency for the three California resorts and the Moms on the telephone can relate enthusiastically with the customers who are calling. The virtual company has no store fronts so having virtual moms answer the incoming calls makes sense. The new employees get telephone training, have a deep knowledge about the resort areas and have a natural ease to put customer apprehensions about planning family vacations to rest. The company employs people all over the United States some of which have never met face to face with the CEO. "Our graphics designer for the last 6 years has lived in Los Angeles, Boulder Colorado and currently Seattle Washington and we have never shared a cup of coffee, a lunch or seen each other face to face."

The virtual moms are on the go. With a cell phone in hand they can answer at any time during their shift giving them the freedom to multi-task something that Lanz claims he cannot. While not chained to a desk, the moms are free to do errands as long as the customers get proper service. Most stay at home and do household chores mixed with their daily tasks of follow up calls and email, solicitation of new business and customer service. It gives them an opportunity to earn a salary and contribute to their own family. The different employee culture has benefited the company, the customers and the employee. The customers enjoy talking with them and they can easily close a vacation sale with ease. Kathy Ehrlich, the mom who is head of reservations has three boys, two in high school; one recently graduated and has answered the phone for the last six years at baseball practice and waiting in line at school car pool.

About City Concierge® - As the only internet based fully independent central reservation agency, City Concierge ® delivers a collection of tourism based vacation planning services, lodging reservations, and activity information for individuals, groups and corporate travel. City Concierge ® ( For more information contact the corporate office at 323-874-6610