The Renwick Group Stays on Top of Investigations with i-Sight Investigation Software

November 08, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CEC announced today that the Renwick Group Inc. has implemented i-Sight Investigation Software ( to help investigators spend their time focusing on investigations - not administrative work.

The Renwick Group Inc. is a private investigation firm founded in the late 1990s to do strike work in, what was then, a volatile labor environment. The business, based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, evolved into a typical investigations agency, focused on surveillance. When Paul Markle and his wife, Summer McPhee Markle, bought it in 2009, the company offered a diverse selection of investigation services, some of which were lucrative and some of which were not. The couple decided to branch out into skip tracing, an activity that still represents about half of the business.

With six full-time employees, three sub-contractors and any number of offsite investigators, depending on the company's caseload, The Renwick Group augments its skip tracing and surveillance activities with litigation support, pre-employment screening and labor dispute management.

"Our competitors give a laundry list of services they can provide," says Markle. "The problem with that is that you can't be good at everything. We focus in on the things that we're really good at."

The Challenge

The Renwick Group has recently undergone a rebranding, focusing on a fresh, new approach to doing business in an ethical way. "Really what we do for a living is we lie to people," says Markle. "But we do it for a good reason. Our main purpose is to prevent fraud. As far as I see it, it's an essential service in order to keep an even keel in the market."

Through the rebranding and refocusing efforts, The Renwick Group signed on two major new clients with a lot of work, contingent on the company being able to handle the clients' files securely and efficiently. Markle needed a case management system to replace the outdated system they were using.

"Our system came from a bunch of guys who were old school managers and not really technologically adept. We used an excel system and a lot of paper, which wasn't good for the environment and not good from an operating cost standpoint either," says Markle.

The Renwick Group needed a system that would provide a smooth intake process for clients to enter information into the system quickly, easily and securely, and an efficient and powerful tool for investigators to manage their caseloads.

"Basically we're kind of like a McDonalds: high transaction when it comes to skip tracing and sometimes for the investigation work as well. A high number of transactions makes it hard to keep track," says Markle. "We needed something with auto reminders and built-in redundancies so that nothing slips through the cracks and we can provide the absolute best service for our customers."

Markle began his search for a system that could handle the volume of work, but ran into some roadblocks. "I wasn't asking the right questions," he says. "If you don't ask the right questions you don't get the right information." He first invested in a file transfer system and found that it wasn't adequate.

"It wasn't a file transfer system that we needed; it was a case management system." When Markle searched for a case management system online, he found the i-Sight Investigation Software ( immediately. "It was bang-on," he says.

The Solution

"As soon as I popped into the i-Sight demo I could tell that it was exactly what we needed," says Markle. "It would take very little modification, just customizing some forms and re-skinnng it and we could use it right out of the box," he says.

Markle liked the cost effective solution i-Sight provided, relative to having new software developed for the company. "There are a lot of applications that are a lot more expensive. As a new growing business it's a big expense, but the way I look at it, I only have to close 12 files a month and it's paid for," he says. "And if it gains me new clients because of the efficiencies, again it's going to more than pay for itself," he adds.

The i-Sight Case Management Software for Investigations system has a capacity to handle the high volume of files being processed at any given time. "If one of the investigators has 100 files in their queue, this allows them to update those files very quickly. Before they would have to make manual adjustments and they would be typed into the system later on," he says.

The Results

The Renwick Group saves a great deal of time and energy through the use of i-Sight Case Management Software for Investigations. "The i-Sight solution streamlines our operations because it automatically assigns a case number and allows us to quickly assign files out to individual investigators and, in an efficient way, manage the workflow," says Markle.

"It's probably going to save my guys an hour or an hour and a half a day. In the long run, when you think of man hours that's six to seven man hours a day," he says. "That allows them to spend more time tracing. From a focus standpoint it gives them the ability to focus on what they should be doing and not on the administrative side."

And there's another, more subtle, benefit of the Renwick Group's new system: "Having i-Sight branding on our website legitimizes us. It adds credibility," says Markle. "I can't put a price on that."

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