Fake 'System Restore' Poses as a System Optimizer & Hounds Computer Users for Money

November 03, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Computer hackers over the course of the past few years have undoubtedly created a swarm of rogue anti-spyware application, system optimizer and defragmenters that hound computer users for money. It was not until just the past year have they been as aggressive as the rogue system system optimization program called System Restore.

Fake System Restore, or sometimes commonly referred to as just 'System Restore', is a vicious program that attempts to convince computer users of its ability to detect errors and optimize a PC's performance.

Optimization and error repair tools have been on the PC software market for many years. As of late, hackers have taken up the task of mimicking those optimization tools and heavily marketing them for primetime. In their endeavor to do so, programs like Fake System Restore have made their way onto thousands of computers worldwide. Many of the computer users encountering Fake System Restore simply believe that it is a viable solution to increasing their PC's performance, in addition to fixing detected errors. Users may also be confused due to its name; System restore is a legitimate Microsoft Windows program and rogue software makers often use names of real software to bring about more confusion. Not only is Fake System Restore an outright scam, but it holds a computer hostage until a certain fee is paid up.

Fake System Restore originates from malicious sources over the Internet. These sources are hardly ever clearly identified which usually results in a PC having Fake System Restore installed without the computer user's knowledge. In such a case, the user is prompted with a plethora of alert notifications and system error messages from Fake System Restore, basically asking that the user purchase Fake System Restore to "fix" the issues at hand. Doing so would only make matters worse because a purchased version of Fake System Restore does not have the ability to increase PC performance nor will it fix any system errors. Fake System Restore follows the same scare tactics as other popular rogue security programs, some among them are OpenCloud Security, OpenCloud Antivirus, Security Sphere 2012, Data Restore, Data Recovery, to name a few.

Computer users must understand that the Fake System Restore program is a scam designed to extort money and put it in the hands of its mischievous creators. Fortunately, many trusted online security resource sites such as EnigmaSoftware.com have released updated Fake System Restore Removal Reports. Such reports provide computer users with a comprehensive understanding of what exactly the Fake System Restore program is and how to remove Fake System Restore.

The Fake System Restore Removal Report on EnigmaSoftware.com has been recently updated to relay the latest information about this deceptive optimization program. The Fake System Restore Removal Report on EnigmaSoftware.com provides resources for assisting computer users with removal of the Fake System Restore. These resources prove to be extremely beneficial mainly due to the difficult nature of attempting to remove or uninstall Fake System Restore from a PC. Fake System Restore has proven to be almost impossible to manually remove due to it completely lacking an un-installation program.

Computer users may view the complete Fake System Restore Removal Report at http://www.enigmasoftware.com/fakesystemrestore-removal/