Wireless Alarms Are Better Than Ever Says Crime Prevention Products

November 09, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Leading security retailers such as Crime Prevention Products are now able to offer the public home alarm systems that raise the bar for ease of installation and affordably robust protection.

The wireless alarms on offer from reliable suppliers these days do away with previous faults to be able to offer every home excellent security without the hefty price (including professional fees) that electrically wired alarms entail.

Crime Prevention Products won 'Best New Product' at the Master Locksmiths Exhibition in September for their AlertPal GSM Fire and Security System for the home, proving that wireless burglar alarms have come a long way since their glitch prone introduction many years ago.

This product fills a huge gap in the security market for excellence and affordability for the home. It is remarkably easy to set up - users simply need to place the special PIR Movement Detecting Camera in the desired location (the hallway is a prime place) using the bracket provided and connect it to the mains charger. A PAYG Sim card (on either the O2 - Orange or Vodaphone network) is then all that is needed to get going using texts, so even homes without broadband or WiFi can conveniently make use of them.

This system will alert owners via a text message along with images on their mobile phone if any of the sensors detect danger such as movement or smoke. The camera works even in total darkness due to inbuilt Infra Red Sensors and comes complete with a rechargeable battery in the event of a power failure.

Another wireless burglar alarm to receive a high industry and customer ratings is the latest BT Home Monitored system. Not only is it extremely easy to install (average DIY time is under 2 hours), the security product boasts 28 sensors monitoring the home and an 85 decibel siren. It has also impressed users by offering them the convenient choice of danger alerts via phone, text or Internet. In addition, the system is pet tolerant, meaning only intruders will set off the burglar alarm instead of cats and dogs. Furthermore, extra accessories can be added without fuss to expand the system for increased protection.

CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, concluded: "Wireless alarms used to have a bad reputation for being unreliably weak and for being set off by pets. We would like the public to know that the current wireless security products that are available not only provide top notch security, but convenience and affordability too. Now, there really is no reason why every tenant or home owner can't have full peace of mind."