Cincinnati Immigration Lawyer Enjoys 11 Years of Practice

November 22, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
CLEVELAND, OHIO - Fighting for the legal rights of non-citizens remains a primary concern for Cincinnati immigration lawyer Jonathan A. Bartell since he was sworn in on Nov. 2, 2000 when he began practicing immigration and criminal law.

The naturalization lawyer honed in on his professional interests of fighting for the legal rights of non-immigrants while he was working for the UN refugee camp for five years in Thailand, in a pre-departure program. He said he noticed that families were detained in a refugee camp 25 to 30 years after being promised the hope of coming to the U.S.

The extended stay for those families were due to immigration laws that changed in 1996, making certain behavior including drug use inadmissible for U.S. entry, the regulations were harsher, more restrictive, and no longer allowed for a waiver from being barred from the U.S. while families waited.
Despite an alliance to the U.S., the Hill tribe people were denied U.S. entry since they used opium for medicinal purposes. They were forced to flee their homes due to their U.S. allegiance, and success of the communist fighters who overtook the government.

"There were a lot of families stuck for years, three and four generations living in squalor in refugee camps," said DUI lawyer Bartell, who met his wife while he worked in Thailand. "It seemed incredibly unfair and that is why I decided to do what I do."

"If I could continue to do just that, I would be a happy camper," said the credit card fraud lawyer.
Bartell has helped thousands of people worldwide since he chose to practice immigration law, criminal defense and deportation cases. He handles a variety of cases for a non-citizen population that would otherwise be underserved and misrepresented, especially with language and cultural barriers.

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