QuietFiber® Noise Dampening Product by Acoustiblok, Inc., Hidden in Plain Sight at Los Angeles's Chic R Lounge

November 16, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
LOS ANGELES, California, November 16, 2011 QuietFiber® noise absorbing material was installed last week in the tony R Lounge in L.A. to address a reverberant noise issue caused when pulsating music from inside the club hit the massive, 14-foot tall hard surface walls and flooring of the outdoor smoking patio every time a guest opened the patio doors to step outside.

When complaints from neighbors began to trickle in, club owner Bobbie Rahmani moved immediately to find a noise deadening solution that would not only provide relief to his neighbors, but would not detract from the club's high end décor that flowed from inside out. The large, reverse "L" shaped smoking deck needed soundproofing material that would retain its acoustical integrity in the outdoor environment, and just as importantly, be easily camouflaged within the well-appointed patio.

Rahmani's research led him to Acoustiblok, Inc., where acoustics consultant Paul Getts recommended QuietFiber, a noise absorbing material specifically designed to address reverberant sound. Unlike other sound absorbing products, QuietFiber is designed to be hidden out of sight, or easily adapted to any décor by simply wrapping it in complimentary fabric or upholstery.

Rahmani purchased 10, 4- by 6-foot panels of QuietFiber, enough to cover all the patio walls' trouble spots. Eight panels were covered in a sleek, black and white post-modern skyline design fabric that added interest to the space without giving away the panel's soundproofing purpose.

Another panel was ingeniously covered in a blank white canvas and hung on a large section of wall, providing a backdrop for projected images to create a constantly moving and changing videoscape in the space. This panel provides a fitting artistic element, and no one is the wiser that it is serving a dual purpose sound absorption and aesthetic interest.

One more panel, hung on a wall directly behind the patio's elegant outdoor cigar bar, is concealed in fabric identical to the wall treatment, making it virtually undetectable.

"We haven't had any complaints since we hung the panels, and no news is always good news," Rahmani said of the noise deadening qualities of the Quiet Fiber treatments.

"I did a lot of research to find the right soundproofing product for the space, and found that other panels that address reverberant sound are extremely expensive and don't provide the customizable look we needed for this space.

"QuietFiber met all the criteria."

Lahnie Johnson, president and founder of Acoustiblok, Inc., said that the application of QuietFiber in the R Lounge is a perfect example of the product's unique versatility when it comes to addressing reverberant sound without interfering with the design aesthetic of the space.

"We launched our QuietFiber material with this type of environment in mind," Johnson said. "When you're addressing solid surface noise issues in well-appointed residences or businesses like the R Lounge, you can't hang ordinary sound abatement products because, although they serve a functional purpose, they aren't necessarily going to look good in the space.

"QuietFiber is the only sound dampening product on the market that can be custom tailored to create a complimentary design element in any space. You have the sound abatement properties you need, in a product that can be completely hidden under a tapestry or in strategic spots throughout the room, or disguised as an artistic element within the space."

High sound absorbency QuietFiber is a two-inch thick DIY interior noise solution that can be cut to fit and simply hot glued underneath a bar, cabinets, countertops, tables, chairs, behind a wall tapestry or curtains. Slide a QuietFiber "pillow" on top of cabinets, or anywhere else that reverberant noise and echo is a problem. Easily cut to size with a serrated knife, Quiet Fiber can be concealed almost anywhere.

Used industrially for reducing noise, QuietFiber is a non-fiberglass material designed to absorb the maximum amount of sound (NRC 1.00). Fireproof, totally hydrophobic (will not absorb water or moisture), washable, non-deteriorating, mold and mildew-proof, Acoustiblok offers a lifetime warranty on this product.

QuietFiber®, is the answer to for any space in need of a quick noise fix that is easy to install anywhere noise is a problem, without spending thousands of dollars to retrofit sound abatement material under drywall, or cover walls with expensive sound panels.

QuietFiber is UL fire rated for floor, wall and ceiling applications, 100-percent recyclable and 100-percent made in the USA.

For more information on QuietFiber, visit the Acoustiblok website (www.acoustiblok.com), send an E-mail (sales@acoustiblok.com), or call 813.980.1400.