What to look for when searching for limo deals

November 16, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
More travelers are using limousine service than ever before. The stiff competition among car providers has opened up a myriad of choices for the end user. Add in the option of taxicabs and shuttle vans that continue to draw in the seasoned yet cost conscious traveler with $20 deals-of-the-day.

Thus finding the best limo company and best car service at the best possible price has become a challenging and laborious task for the not so savvy average user.

At LimoGopher, our ultimate objective is to help you find the right one.

The search can be treacherous as there are many pitfalls to watch out for:

#1 Watch out for operators with cars that hardly qualify as luxury vehicles, old models dating back to 2002, in run-down conditions that are unsafe and unreliable.

# 2 There are drivers who are not properly trained, lack common courtesy or poorly compensated. It shows in their demeanor and attire. Even if they arrive in newer model cars, the attitude remains poor and lacking of attention for passengers' needs.

#3 Be wary of operators who may have had their permits recently revoked for infractions like non-payment of regulatory fees, under-insurance or cancelled policies; who employ independent contractors not proper licensed or who schedule drivers on extended shifts with no sufficient rest or break periods.

#4 There are operators who have not invested in the latest technology or operating systems. Flight checking and advance dispatch software is available to make servicing a client flawless from reservation to completion. There is no excuse for communication failures or service issues when wi-fi enabled devices are easily accessible. Websites and online bookings tools are now a necessity.

#5 Finally, watch out for operators that offer ridiculously low prices, unbeatable but dangerous. Smart businessmen will watch their bottom line and monitor gross profit margins. A bad operator will sabotage the pricing model to undercut his competition. He will also make cuts in vital areas, make poor decisions and sacrifice proper insurance, periodic vehicle maintenance, and skimp on training, drug testing and screenings for criminal backgrounds.
Bad operators puts an unfair strike on an industry that is generally fueled by the hard work of hundreds of thousands of dedicated chauffeurs who provide unparalleled service, and serious business owners who make the right choices.

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