New Book Reveals Simple Steps To Success

November 18, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Sweep away that pile of ordinary "how-to success books" and make room for one written by someone who really knows what he's talking about. More than just a motivational book, "True Vision 4 Success" is a specific battle plan for achieving personal success written by someone who's done it himself-and already helped others do it as well.

The author is Bob Natoli, a self-made retail, rental and real estate multi-millionaire and five-time Guinness Fitness World Record holder who has taken the very steps he used to bring himself success and put it all down in a book that anyone can follow to reach any kind of goal-professional, personal or otherwise.

"True Vision 4 Success" is not just for potential millionaires, it's a roadmap for just about any kind of success goal the reader seeks: employment, weight loss, physical fitness, marriage, getting out of debt-you name it. The formula can work for all of them.

"True Vision 4 Success" uses numerous examples to prove the amazing power of visualization to help people achieve what they want in life. The techniques are so simple one wonders why more of us don't use them. But Natoli's method lies not just in visualization but specifically how to put those mental images to work to achieve success. He calls this method "True Vision" and he goes on to show that not only he but also every successful person today and in history has used it in one form or another. Says Natoli, "True Vision is the driving force behind ALL success stories."

While Natoli possesses a naturally enthusiastic and inspiring personality he didn't set out to become a self-help authority, he simply set out to find personal success, both as an entrepreneur and in his own physical fitness. While achieving his goals he found that friends, neighbors and business colleagues started coming to him for advice. He shared the True Vision approach and it helped them too. It wasn't long before he realized his approach to success was unique and would make a compelling book.

"I believe that each of us is born with certain skills and abilities that we are meant to utilize. While we learn from struggle and failure, when we possess True Vision our ultimate destiny will be success, however we define it," says Natoli.

Natoli is quick to note, that while he has been focused on success since he was a boy, anyone can be successful if they simply follow the steps in his book. Still, one can't help but smile at the thought of the author as a child of 12 when he announced to his mother that someday he would be a big success. "That's nice, dear," she patiently replied with a loving mother's amusement. Years later, of course, she actually found herself the proud mother of a successful entrepreneur owning and running 250 stores in 16 States.

"True Vision 4 Success" is available in both print and as an audiobook from and direct from the publisher at: for $29.99 (shipping and handling included.) For a limited time orders placed with the True Vision website will also include-absolutely free-the 6-CD audiobook version as well. The free offer applies only to orders placed directly with