Web Hosting Users Can Now Be Protected Against Any Data Calamity

November 22, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SINGAPORE, November 22, 2011 One of the inherent problems of email, and biggest fears of any email user is waking up one day, logging on to their accounts, and finding that everything has been wiped out. While this is a worst case scenario that may only happen to certain people, data security and recovery has become one of the key features that clients have been looking for in a leading web hosting and email solution or service. Whether business or personal, losing data on any scale can represent one of the biggest nightmares out there in cyberspace.

Prepared for any emergency
This is why Vodien Internet Solutions, one of the leading Singapore web hosting and email providers, has launched a brand new disaster recovery (DR) service as part of their online web hosting and vps hosting packages. As they have over a decade of experience in the web hosting industry, they understand that data is so critical, but yet it takes just a nudge in the right direction for it to be pushed into an abyss in the information superhighway for which recovery is almost impossible.

John Jervis, the VP of Sales at Vodien, understands this problem from a professional and personal point of view, "Losing data overnight is not something I would wish on anyone, and this is because I have gone through the same frustrating scenario myself. For individuals, small companies and especially large corporations with terabytes of sensitive data, protection and recovery should be one of the foremost things any provider should be including in their services. This is especially true now as more companies are not only identifying this as a critical need, but are demanding more security with their web hosting services from their web hosting provider."

Vodien's new digital recovery service enables companies to have access to copies of their web hosting account, which includes their website files, any other online files, and even emails. This data is then distributed to geographically-different locations for maximum redundancy. This contingency prepares for even the possibility of a region-specific service failure, as the data is now safely located in a leading dedicated server in another region; ready to be accessed at the user's convenience.

Redundancy is Priceless
Instead of losing potentially hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of data, this system sets up a secure distribution network where the data is replicated at several secure servers over different locations. This would be extremely useful to business owners and large conglomerates that have an enormous amount of data streaming in and out from different parts of the world. However, this service is also as scalable as it is powerful, and can be used even for individuals who want to safeguard their own valuable data. This service is part of the new wave of redundancy that is hitting the world of data transfer and storage, and as this gets more and more complex, Singapore web hosting companies have to keep up or get left behind.