Where the Tourist Market is Established, an Extensive Beachfront Property is for Sale in Baja

November 25, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
An extensive, 74 acre lot of beachfront property has become available just south of Rosarito, B.C., Mexico. The property has established and recorded boundaries and a verified clean deed. The beachfront end of the property is secluded and private from neighbors and the main Tijuana-Ensenada road, which is located at the far end of the property . Neighbors to either side have not developed extensively, so privacy would be easy to maintain. The main road is easy to access and leads north to the charming town of Rosarito, well known as a haven for tourists from California. Locally, there is a golf resort and other attractions for tourists, as well as the main street of Rosarito, lined with shops, restaurants, and all the amenities that visitors and residents need.

Rosarito has a significant fan base among Californians who visit for a weekend surf trip, or who take their family to Mexico for week long luxury vacations. Rosarito is just south of Tijuana, infamous for being a party city frequented by busloads of students from southern California universities. While Tijuana offers everything a big city can offer, Rosarito has a more respectable and casual atmosphere, complimented by small town friendliness and a comfort with the regular stream of tourists that visit the town and its businesses.

Rosarito is still within a couple of hours of all the major southern California cities, but it gives visitors the sense that they are really away from it all. Vacationers enjoy the fact that they are clearly in Mexico, but they feel safe in the secluded environment of Baja California, which is cut off from the rest of Mexico for most of it's length. Baja has not seen the kind of increase in crime that much of the country has seen in recent years, and tourism is still a big industry in Baja. Tourists are mostly regulars, coming back year after year. Many of the local residents rely on tourism for work, and a new development would be a welcome employer of locals.

The beachfront property for sale is just south of Rosarito, with the convenience of being a short trip away from town, and also the accompanying quiet and seclusion. For a private resident, this property would be perfect for a massive estate equipped with all the luxuries of home. The property is large enough to ensure privacy, as well as the space to add any additional buildings and recreational facilities. As a commercial investment, this property comes with a built in tourist economy. The piece of land is large enough and has enough coastline to accommodate a private resort or a family friendly hotel, easy to find off the main road.

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