SpaceTimeAgent - A Different Personal Organizer: Because mind has ever had two clocks

November 26, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A new personal organizer software application for windows pc uses simultaneously two clocks to map records.

It could be a calendar or a note taking or a task manager or an address book software application. And indeed, it provides the services of all these, and even more, but in a very different way.

Human mind has not used separate files to classify information. And information has two time coordinates. One refers to the time information is formed. The other, to the time it regards. For example, a book that has been read yesterday night (information FORMED then), describes an ancient civilization (information REGARDS a period in the past).

In Space Time Agent, the new organizer, information is entered in notes-like records placed on a board that carries, similarly to our mind, two clocks (time controls actually). One clock shows the time the information of the records regards, named naturally, calendar time. The other shows the time the information of the records entered, named reference time. Using the first clock, the user can go to specific times in the past or the future, like in calendar and see (or modify) the board at those times. Using the second clock, the user can see how this board has been formed in the course of time. An analogy from the history: for the same period of time (calendar time), different things have been written in the course of time (at different REFERENCE times). Things added, deleted, modified. So the perception for that historic period depends on the user's time frame. Or reference time.

Every time, the user sees on the board records that mostly are correlated through time. In this context, the user shapes a much better picture of the environment of an entry, and that undoubtedly leads to better perceptions and decisions. Just compare a phone number in an address book with that in a board with time related photos, notes, other phones, tasks, appointments etc. Obviously in the second situation, the user will have more, and more efficient information for decision making.

The board shows simultaneously 15 note-like records, in 5 columns by 3 rows. The user can drag & drop records forming stacks of them. If a record is no more useful, it can be deleted. The user can find it again just with a click to the reference time control. Reminders can be set, repeats of tasks can be defined and many other features are present to facilitate at most the user's organization of time and thoughts.
More info about the application can be found in A free 30-days trial full version is available for download.

Space Time Agent invented and has been developed by Crystal Cut, a company founded in 2001 in Greece to provide advanced solutions in IT, business and marketing fields.