Using BlueBus Technology in Gate Automation

November 30, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Nice Automation is a provider of systems for automation and management of gates, garage doors and barrier gates for residential and industrial use. Nice present themselves as providing ease of use, aesthetic quality and safety. BlueBus technology is just one of their many solutions which simplifies the installation of all types of automation.

Firstly in 1993, Nice transmitters came alive which were functional, powerful but miniaturized and elegant. They were first broadcasted in a car, or attached to a key ring and soon became more apparent by word-of-mouth. Nice today is more energy efficient, more secure and more user control than ever before. Solar power is another example of this, which allows automation installation even far away from any electrical network. Its wireless technology avoids the cost and the inconvenience of unsightly wiring ducts for control wires. Total Control from nice allows you to control the whole range of automation for gates , garages, awnings and roller shutters, alarm systems as well as irrigation, lighting systems and electrical loads. Home Security the NiceHome System's are simple and complete, with professionalism of the alarm systems, the group companies have created amazing technology during their 30 year of experience. The user can manage up to 18 controls for automation, illumination and electrical loads.

In 2003, the mark for BlueBus technology had emerged. Its maximised simplicity created the concept of automation by making installation quick and easy. From then on it was only 2 wires which connected all the system devices which could be amplified later with the same simplicity. The absence of polarity and clamps, which could be identified thanks to the use of different colours, make the connection even easier and really error-free.

BlueBus technology is famously used in Nice's various photocells, keypads and products. These electrical gate accessories are necessary for the gate automation process. Nice Automation sells Moon, MoonBus, MyMoonBus, F210 and FT210 photocells which are compatible with all Nice Automation products. These photocells produce an infrared beam that goes from one side of your gate to the other and acts as a safety feature. If that beam breaks then the gate will not operate. The special "BlueBus" communication system enables the control unit to recognise the photocells and assign them with the correct detection function.

Nice Automation sells MoonTouch and MoonTouchBus keypads which use BlueBus. Keypads act as a security feature which allows the gate to stay closed unless the correct code is entered which would be created by the gate owner.

Overall, the BlueBus's purpose is to create a simple installation that has fewer wires. Over time more and more products will have this technology, and this 'simpler' approach will become more popular to use in new products.