TV Celebs Embrace Green Holiday Event for Charity, Recycling and the Season of Giving … in just 2 Days!

December 08, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Something special is happening at The Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel in Studio City, California this Saturday, December 10th from Noon to 4PM. It is called Recycle. Reuse. Rejoice. ( and Television celebrities from different walks of life and different generations are converging on the historic hotel to celebrate the holiday season and to support some notable charities. They are also coming to bring attention to one of the most dangerous environmental threats of our time … E-Waste.

Electronic waste is a broad term. It is also called E-scrap, E-Junk or Techno-Trash, but whatever we choose to call it, understand that it is deadly. E-Waste is a generic descriptor that describes discarded electronic items that are old, outdated, non-working or simply obsolete. These items comprise one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, and it is outpacing municipal waste three times over!

On average, Americans own at least two dozen electronic products. Our cell phones, video game players, flat screen TV's, monitors, laptops, PDA's, cameras, ink jets, toners, GPS devices, MP3's and printers are comprised of over 1000 different elements and many of them are toxic in nature. The average home computer, for instance, is a virtual storehouse of hazardous materials. When these items are disposed of, they should not be handled in the same manner as everyday garbage but that is precisely what is happening because so many of us don't know any better.

Electronics contain non bio-degradable plastics, lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, and other materials that create a toxic stew when dumped into landfills. When mixed together and exposed to wind, heat and cold … these hazardous components can poison our air, soil and ground water. Sadly, more than 85% of electronic waste goes unrecycled despite the fact that much of it can be reused time and time again to save energy, money and green house gas emissions.

Events like Recycle. Reuse. Rejoice… can help raise awareness of the E-Waste Crisis within entertainment circles, among policy makers, consumers, environmental advocates and recycling groups. Planet Green Recycle's enviro-fundraising party will feature Six Celebrities and their respective Charities.

TV stars confirmed to be attending include:

  • Kevin Sorbo from Hercules, The Legendary Journeys
  • Anson Williams from Happy Days
  • Kate Linder from The Young and the Restless
  • Taylor Gray from Nickelodeon's Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures
  • Tony Denison from The Closer
  • Carlos Knight from Supah Ninjas

  • Each celebrity will have an opportunity to bring attention to their special cause. And, all of them are doing important work for the less privileged, for the sick, for the disabled, and for children around the world. The celeb charities include:

    1. A World Fit for Kids - a leading provider of healthy behaviors and empowerment for young people.
    2. United Cerebral Palsy – offering support services to advance independence and productivity for people with disabilities.
    3. The Sunshine Kids- dedicated to providing activities, trips and events for young cancer patients.
    4. The ALS Association - committed to fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease, a neurodegenerative disorder that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.
    5. Nothing But Nets - dedicated to raising funds and awareness to fight malaria which afflicts thousands of children in Africa.
    6. Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena - promotes the health, education, social, vocational and character development of boys and girls ages 6 through 18.

    This first-ever Hollywood event is being held in the name of giving and on behalf of the planet that we all share. Perhaps the words of Planet Green's "Ode to Earth" video (that can be viewed on their website and on YouTube) say it best:

    In the Vast Cascade of Space, this Place is ours.
    She is BEAUTIFUL. She is CHANGEABLE. She is HOME.

    The Recycle. Reuse. Rejoice. event starts promptly at Noon on December 10th and Admission is FREE with the donation of an old, used or discarded E-waste item for recycling (i.e. inkjets, toner, cell phones, cameras, MP3's, laptops, monitors, PDA's, iPods, keyboards, CPU's, PDA's, copiers, Palm Pilots, external drives, GPS Systems, MP3's, etc)

    Early Registration is encouraged via their website at For more information call Planet Green Recycle at: 1-800-377-1093.